An Unconditional 20000 TL Loan Campaign Announced From Those Banks To The Borrowers

They distribute loans without looking for payroll and income documents! Statements came from two banks one after the other. For citizens who want to take a consumer loan, an income certificate will not be requested for a loan of 20 thousand TL. So how to apply? What are the application conditions? Details are with you in the rest of our news…

Last minute good news! Debtor citizens will now be able to breathe easily. Akbank and Yapıkredi will provide a loan of 20 thousand TL to each customer without the condition of an income certificate. Customers who want to take a loan from both banks will be able to apply if they meet the specified conditions and can start using their loan if approved. The result will be notified to you by the bank in a short time after the applications.

Akbank Loan Application Without Income Documentation

Akbank provides customers with consumer loans of TL 20 thousand at low interest rates. If you apply to participate, you are offered a 36-month maturity opportunity. In order to make an application, you can access Akbank mobile banking services, call customer services, make transactions on its official page or apply in person to the nearest Akbank branches.

You can also use the short message method to apply for a consumer loan offered by the bank. Citizens who want to benefit from the loan by applying can send their TR ID numbers to 4425 by leaving a space after writing the loan. Your application will be received in a short time and a positive or negative feedback will be given by the bank. Your positive credit will be transferred to your account instantly and you can start using it.

Yapıkredi Loan Opportunity Without Income Documentation

Citizens who want to apply for this loan campaign announced by Yapıkredi can apply from the official website of Yapıkredi, benefit from mobile banking services or go to Yapıkredi branches in person to complete the application process easily and comfortably. If your application is positive, you can immediately start benefiting from this low-interest consumer loan amounting to 20 thousand TL.

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