An example of intergenerational humor: Only Murders in the Building – article

Are you ready to watch a series that will hook you on the screen, make you laugh with its finely chopped jokes, and make your “I wonder” guesses around two mysterious deaths? Then sit back in your chair, open Disney+ and Only Murders in the BuildingStart watching right away.

The production, which started airing on Disney+ on August 31 with its two 10-episode seasons, won 5 Grammys. Steve Martin we know from Grace and Frankie John Hoffman bears his signature. Produced by the creator of This is Us Dan FogelmanHe starred as a comedy veteran in his 70s in Only Murders in the Building by Steve Martin and Martin Short The famous star who played her first scripted role with Selena Gomez they share.


Charles (Steve Martin), a socially anxious ex-actor, once-fly Broadway director Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel, a young, beautiful and mysterious artist, live an ordinary life in New York City, in a building that has survived from the Renaissance. Their addiction to true crime podcasts, especially in vogue right now in America, brings them together when they least expect it, and more importantly, they tie the three of them together around the two deaths that occurred in this glitzy apartment building.

The first season of the series begins with the death of a young Far Easterner, Tim Kono, who was found dead in his apartment. Figuring out whether it’s just an ordinary suicide or murder, as the police say, becomes a mission for Charles, Oliver and Mabel, who dedicate themselves to the “Everything is Not Ok in Oklahoma” podcast by true crime queen Cinda Canning. As Tim moves around Kono, everyone in the apartment – even singer Sting, whose real identity has appeared in several episodes of the series – becomes a suspect in this death. As the episodes progress, shocking truths emerge about Kono’s life in connection with the apartment dwellers. As the production progresses towards a celebration of victory with its finale that shoots right and left, the residents of the apartment are shaken by another death this time.

The second season of the production opens with exactly this obscurity. The trio, who enlightened the death of Tim Kono by revealing the truth at the points where even the police were wrong in the previous season, suddenly become the suspects of this season’s murder. However, on the other hand, their idling lives begin to stir slightly; the urge to unite for a common purpose blows the dust on their loneliness with all its breath. As such, they must choose between their lives, which they are about to take charge of again, or a murder waiting to be solved. It is precisely at this part of the story that someone has to come out and say, “Who knows what life will be better than gold.” But there is no need. Because at the end of the 10 episodes that are increasing gradually, a season finale with a light theatrical taste, but with lots of intrigue and laughter that will not be forgotten for a long time awaits the audience.


The origin story of the production is also quite interesting. The idea of ​​making a series about the story of 3 old people who solve the murders in the apartment they live in first fell to Steve Martin’s mind. He and his manager meet for lunch with producer Dan Fogelman, but Martin leaves the meal, thinking it’s just one of those routine meetings where everyone admires each other. Meanwhile, the production’s other creator, John Hoffman, joins the cast. Inspired by the story of a childhood friend whom he had not seen for many years but was shaken by his death, Hoffman states that after being obsessed with this death for a long time, he went to the place where his friend lived and talked to his relatives and decided to put it at the center of the series when the police report published months later revealed that his death was a murder.

Although Fogelman likes the twisty tale of a crime story, he still thinks there should be a woman in the cast and recommends Selena Gomez as the third person in the cast. Since Martin does not know Gomez personally, he is suspicious of this proposal, but Gomez’s depiction of Mabel, who fits into the series, and his isolated aroma, which is far from himself, impresses Martin very much.

The production is taken directly to Hulu without going to any other platform, and Disney is buying the first season of 10 episodes without even needing a second meeting. However, the fact that the series will be indispensable is evident from the very beginning, and the order for the second season is given 2 weeks before the first season is even aired. Nominated for 17 Emmy Awards, the production became a hit, making it Hulu’s most-watched comedy series to date.

In short, Only Murders in the Building is a series that should not be missed by those looking for an intelligent and delicately designed intergenerational comedy that resembles the sit-coms we miss while creating a genuine humor fueled by the quirks…

Elcin Demiroz