Ambitious pose with your pregnant wife from Fahriye Evcen! Look what she wore “You’re like a trinket”

New poses came from Fahriye Evcen, who is pregnant with her second child. Evcen, who shared on his social media account, was showered with likes. “You are like a trinket” comments were made to Fahriye Evcen, who attracted attention with her white top. Here are some assertive poses from pregnant Fahriye Evcen.

Fahriye Evcen, who entered the world house with actress Burak Özçivit in 2017, took her son Karan in her arms in 2019. The second child of the happily married couple is on the way. The belly of Fahriye Evcen, who was pregnant, started to appear gradually. Evcen, who shared her social media accounts, impressed with her beauty and physique.


Fahriye Evcen, who is among the best actresses of Turkey, does not fall off the agenda with her shares.


The beautiful actress, who announced that she is pregnant for the second time, is counting the days to take her child in her arms. Fahriye Evcen, whose belly grew slowly, shook the social media with her latest posts.


FAHRİYE EVcen’s belly has grown

Fahriye Evcen, who draws attention with her beauty as well as her acting, became pregnant with her second child after her first child, Karan.


Having a happy marriage with Burak Özçivit, Evcen denied the separation allegations in the past days. The couple, who made a statement against the news about them, will become parents for the second time.



The couple, who went on a family vacation, did not neglect to share a lot with their lovers. Fahriye Evcen, who will taste the feeling of motherhood for the second time, became the agenda on social media with her last post. The actress, who spoke her beauty, received many comments.


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