Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It’s not a defeat but I’ve lost all faith


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp started to fall in love when they met during the filming of The Passion Diaries in 2009, in which they shared the lead roles. Depp, who was 46 at the time, was continuing his long-term relationship with Vanessa Paradis, a famous actress like himself. Amber Heard, on the other hand, was only 23 and she had someone else in her life. When Heard and Depp’s relationship came to light, the world was unaware of the storms these two interesting personalities would take when they got together. The couple got married in 2015, this marriage ended in 2017 in an eventful way. It all started with the end of this marriage. Nearly all of their private lives have been exposed as they mutually accused each other of unbelievable things, and Amber and Johnny hired a bunch of lawyers to take whatever they had to court. This process was broadcast live on television and watched by the whole world.


This divorce and the process that followed went down in history as one of the most painful separation processes in Hollywood history. The answer to the question of what was the event that marked the year 2022 in the world of celebrities was the lawsuits that these two names filed against each other. Everyone took sides and defended fiercely. Although Amber Heard experienced violence and hard times during her relationship with Johnny Depp, she was weak against her ex-wife, one of the most powerful and popular men in Hollywood. The majority of those who followed the events took Depp’s side, amber Heard was branded as ambitious, unbalanced, even insane. Depp also had evidence and witnesses in the case, and Heard had obviously not been very innocent during this relationship.

Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It's not a defeat but I've lost all faith

The suspense in the courtroom, the facts that emerged there and the world learned to surprise, Amber Heard’s tears and Johnny Depp’s embarrassing body language stuck to everyone’s tongues like chewing gum. At the end of the trial, which lasted for weeks and took place in Virginia, USA, the jury decided in favor of the 59-year-old actor, deciding that Amber Heard had defamed Johnny Depp in an article in which he called himself the victim of harassment.


Amber Heard, who did not give up for a moment that she was right, these decisions were destroyed. Moreover, Depp was ordered to pay the $15 million compensation he demanded for defaming himself and demanded against the crime of defamation. It was announced that Depp had to pay Heard $ 2 million in damages. “No words can explain the disappointment I feel today,” said Amber Heard, who made a statement after the decision. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, was content. “The jury gave me my life back today. I was honored”.

Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It's not a defeat but I've lost all faith


Amber Heard appealed the case earlier this month, demanding that the jury’s decision be reversed or an entirely new trial be held. However, she would not get what she wanted from this objection. Amber Heard, who published a long statement on her Instagram account yesterday evening, announced that a settlement was reached based on the outcome of the lawsuit, and that she agreed to pay Johnny Depp 1 million dollars for this libel case. In her statement, the 36-year-old actress underlined that this does not mean ‘compromising’, she said. Amber Heard wrote that the decision to resort to compromise was simply due to a complete loss of faith in the American legal system.

“My faith in the legal system is dead”

Heard began by saying in an Instagram post that accepting the deal was “a very difficult decision”. “It’s important to me that you know I never chose this,” she was saying. “I defended my truth, and in doing so, my life was ruined. The slanders I have encountered on social media are proof of the ways women are victimized again and again when they come forward and defend the truth, and it is actually an enlarged version of it for everyone to see”. He stressed that he was holding back and was influencing the court decision.

Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It's not a defeat but I've lost all faith


“Now I finally have the opportunity to free myself from something I tried to get rid of six years ago on terms that I can accept. This is not an admission. This is not an act of compromise. There is no restriction on my voice being heard, no one has been able to gag me.” Announcing his decision with his words, the star repeatedly repeated that the reason for going to reconciliation was that he did not have an ounce of faith in the American legal system anymore. “Even if my appeal in the US is successful, the best I can get is a retrial,” Amber Heard said. And he added, “I know I can’t get over this.”


Johnny Depp described an article written by Amber Heard and published in the Washington Post newspaper as an unfair smear campaign and filed a lawsuit against Heard. In an article published in 2018, Amber Heard described Johnny Depp as “a public figure representing domestic abuse” without mentioning Johnny Depp’s name and filed many accusations against Depp. The six-week televised trial drew widespread public scrutiny. The ex-couple, who divorced in 2017, made completely different statements about their five-year relationship, both accusing the other of showing inappropriate behavior and physical violence. Johnny Depp vehemently denied his ex-wife’s statement that he allegedly subjected her to emotional, physical and sexual abuse. And accusing her of lying, she argued that she was the one who was the main victim of harassment and violence.

Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It's not a defeat but I've lost all faith


The jury found Depp right in this much talked about case and sentenced Amber Heard to pay a very high amount of compensation. This decision would surprise some lawyers and the public interested in the case because in another similar case, two years ago, the English court sided with Amber Heard and ruled that Johnny Depp lost. After Amber Heard’s statement of reconciliation, Johnny Depp’s army of lawyers also made a statement. “We are happy to officially close the door to this painful chapter for our client Johnny Depp,” they said in the statement. Johnny Depp will donate this $1 million in compensation to a number of charities, lawyers reported.


The terms of the settlement agreement, which Amber Heard announced, puts an end to ongoing lawsuits between Heard and Depp over their allegations against each other for now, though the terms of the agreement have yet to be made public. In another case in this story, Johnny Depp sued the British tabloid newspaper The Sun, which headlined him as ‘the man who beat his wife’. Depp lost this libel and defamation lawsuit filed in 2020. The judge in the case found the article to be ‘largely true’ and ruled against Depp.


Legal observers thought that Heard’s first victory might also be reflected in the lawsuit he and Depp filed against each other in the US, and they found Amber Heard lucky in this court. However, this lawsuit in the USA was a disappointment for Heard and resulted in his financial collapse and the end of his career.

Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It's not a defeat but I've lost all faith

The terrible words spoken in the courtroom during the trial, the photographs and images presented by the two parties as evidence of physical violence, the allegations of perjury, the tears of Amber Heard, the nervous smiles of Johnny Depp, and the social media campaigns carried out on these issues are probably both Hollywood and It was engraved in the minds to go down in the history of law.


general opinion Johnny DeppThe fact that ‘s being a more loved, stronger figure, and ultimately a man, had a positive effect on the case for him. Amber Heard On the other hand, he appeared more unreliable than Johnny Depp, failed to garner public sympathy, and a never-ending social media lynching campaign was waged against him. After the verdicts, Heard would say that she was a victim of the male-dominated industry and the male-dominated judicial system, and would explain that she was never given a chance against a strong male figure like her ex-husband.

Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp in defamation lawsuit: It's not a defeat but I've lost all faith