Ambassador of Azerbaijan Mammadov: No more Azerbaijani refugees or migrants


Azerbaijan‘of Ankara A memorial program was organized for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to protect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by the Embassy. Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ankara Rashad MammadovIn addition to Turkey-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman and AK Party deputy Şamil Ayrım, Colonel Erhan Altunok, many relatives of martyrs and veterans, and military personnel attended. The program started with a moment of silence and the national anthem, followed by a short commemoration of the martyrs. film After giving short sections from the struggle in the 2nd Nagorno-Karabakh War, the show continued with the Qur’an Recitation.


Reşad Mammadov, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Ankara, pointed out that the decisions taken in international organizations were not implemented and there was no reason for this, and said, “Azerbaijan trusted its own army, it trusted its own brothers. Our 15, 16 and 17 year old children received education at the Turkish Military Academy. Now they command and lead our army. A strong Azerbaijani army and economy was established. As a result of the destruction of the Armenians, we gave martyrs when the attacks on the villages and cities where the Azerbaijani Turks lived increased. According to the order given to the army by our President, the greatest commander of our army, Ilham Aliyev, our lands began to be liberated from the occupation. Young children kneaded every inch of the 20 percent of the Azerbaijani lands under Armenian occupation with their own blood and watered every inch of it with their own blood. At the expense of these lives, these young people’s lives, we liberated our lands from occupation within 44 days. There are no more Azerbaijani refugees or immigrants. Azerbaijani citizens have the right to live wherever they want according to the Constitution of Azerbaijan.



Mammadov stated that the Karabakh region, which was liberated from the Armenian occupation, was rebuilt by Azerbaijan and said, “More than 300 of our villages, big cities and cities were destroyed. Of the 67 mosques in the populated areas, 65 were destroyed. In 3 of them they were hiding animals. All our museums, theaters, monuments were destroyed. Azerbaijan’s heritage has been erased from that region, but we are re-establishing them. We build infrastructures, we build roads, we build smart villages and cities, and we will. One year ago, on October 20, 2020, Fuzuli Airport was opened. Azerbaijan is implementing projects with an economic value of more than 3 billion in Nagorno-Karabakh.



Reminding that there have been massacres in Azerbaijan for nearly 200 years and that they experienced the ‘Khojaly Massacre’, one of the latest examples of this situation, the President of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group and AK Party deputy Şamil Ayrım said, “On February 26, 1996, the elderly, young people, women and children They killed them. They cut off their heads and flayed their skin. We witnessed these things. Even as we say these, people cry, but we have experienced these. This is the society, the people living in this geography, unfortunately, experienced these. We know what nation it is. The last day of September 12 was treacherous. “Under the pretext of laying mines, they again entered the borders of Azerbaijan and martyred nearly 70 of our young brothers. We do not forget them,” he said.
Also, Mammadov said, “Unfortunately, we always have martyrs. May Allah have mercy on our martyrs. The Azerbaijani nation will never forget their martyrs.” After the opening speeches, the commemoration program ended with a violin and piano concert in memory of the martyrs.