Am I that precious to him?

WALL – Producer and presenter Armağan Çağlayan started receiving lung cancer treatment in the past few weeks. Stating that he was met with intense interest from his fans in this process, Çağlayan announced that he was offended by Nükhet Duru and Ayta Sözeri, who did not call him in his social media account. Ayta Sözeri responded to Çağlayan’s words.

According to the news of Page 2, Ayta Sözeri said about Çağlayan’s statement, “A friend of mine posted the post of Armağan. I don’t know how to respond to such things.”

He used the following expressions:

“As a person who has lost loved ones throughout his life, I am someone who does not want to lose anything he loves. I want to think that Armağan Çağlayan is not sick. When I call, I don’t know what to say. That’s why I didn’t call. Is Armağan right? He’s right from the ground up to the sky. “I couldn’t believe that he was waiting for this phone call. I mean, was I that valuable to him. From now on, I’ll call every hour until I’m forgiven.”

What happened?

Armağan Çağlayan, in his post on his Twitter account, addressed the people who did not call him as follows:

“Now I’m going to take a moment with my ridiculous whims. During my illness, there were so many people asking questions that I honestly did not know that I was loved so much. I am grateful to all of you. But I was very upset that two people did not call, one Nükhet Duru and the other Ayta Sözeri. This is not my reproach. “I don’t have the right anyway. It’s just a warning to myself to set my own boundaries better. I’m grateful to all of us. Forever… We can’t be the little darling of our loved ones, sometimes! People get hurt.”