Altay: “Kyiv match was left within us, now there is an opportunity to make up”

The presidents, coaches and team captains of the Süper Lig clubs paid a visit to the TFF regarding the shooting in the Turkish Football Federation.

After the visit, Fenerbahçe’s team captain Altay Bayındır made statements.

Stating that there was a nice atmosphere during his visit, Altay Bayındır said, “We came here for a visit to get well soon. It was a very nice environment. I was very happy to see everyone together. Incidents like this are now more than sad. These are events that don’t have much to talk about. We are now at the top. We’re already here for a get-well visit. Our presidents spoke all that was necessary. It’s been a good partnership. Hopefully this kind of thing will never happen again. I hope that our people will be in a healthy way and in a conscious way. This is our only hope. Hopefully this incident will not happen again. Let’s have a healthier perspective on football. Let’s come to watch. Let’s enjoy the football of our own team, the opposing team. If there is a good game on the field, this should be the biggest factor that makes us happy. Seeing the sad images is really above sadness. We are human after all. Although it is necessary to keep it under control, the players on the field can sometimes not control their nerves. Like I said, I hope something like this never happens again. Congratulations to our federation once again,” he said.

“Kyiv was a match that stayed with us”

Speaking about the UEFA Europa League match they will play with Dinamo Kyiv, Altay Bayındır said, “As a player group, what we need to do is to fight on the field to win. On the one hand, we are happy to be paired again with Kyiv. It was a match inside of us. We conceded a goal in extra time. So we had the opportunity to play once again. We also have the opportunity to make up for it. We will go out and fight on the field as befits us. The joy of the opposing team’s player in the first match was an extreme joy and sad images. He couldn’t control his emotions either. Hopefully, we will be the party that rejoices in this match without being too exaggerated,” he said.

“We made a good start”

Stating that they started the season well and they want to continue, Altay Bayındır said, “We are working. When we work, we get paid in the field. As long as we are together as a community and act in sync with the great Fenerbahçe supporters and our community, everyone’s energy rises. This energy is also reflected around. We can perform better on the field. We made a good start. The important thing is to continue this good start. I hope so,” he said.