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GermanyNord Stream, the Russian operator of the gas line to Nord Stream He reported that serious pressure loss occurred in line 2, followed by a similar “sharp pressure drop” in Nord Stream 1 pipes. While a leak was detected in the part of the pipes near Bornholm Island, which is in the Danish offshore area, a 9-kilometer area around the island was closed to sea traffic.

Nord Stream 2, in which billions of Euros were invested, was never put into service due to the occupation of Ukraine, even though its construction was completed. If Nord Stream 1 Russia It was closed indefinitely weeks ago for “maintenance” by the company. Although there was no gas flow, the pipes were loaded with natural gas on both lines.


From the German government and the Kremlin “sabotage Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that they believed the pipelines were attacked and that the leaks could last for at least a week.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Union Commission, noted that the leak in Nord Stream was caused by sabotage. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also stated that they have reports that the leaks may be caused by some type of attack or sabotage. Experts state that even if Russia and Europe find a middle ground and agree on natural gas shipments, it may take months to make the lines suitable for gas flow.


80 meters deep

The company, mostly owned by the Russian government gas giant Gazprom, announced that it is investigating the issue. The German press also gave wide coverage to the allegations of attacks against the line. Officials pointed out that the damaged section of the pipeline was 70 to 80 meters deep in water, noting that such an attack was “not a simple act” and “could have been carried out with equipped divers or a submarine”. Currently, the southern European countries supply natural gas via lines coming from Turkey, while the pipeline passing through Ukraine further north delivers gas.


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