Allegations of assassination plot against Sedat Peker

WALL – It has been stated that the ‘digital isolation’ in the country he is in has been aggravated against Sedat Peker, who fell into silence after the resignation of two presidential advisers, along with the bribery allegations he brought to the agenda. It was also claimed that Peker was preparing an assassination against him.

Latest developments regarding Sedat Peker, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued for ‘leadership of a criminal organization’, Murat Ağırel ‘Record with Sule Aydın’ on Halk TV shared it live. Ağırel said that he was told by the person he reached that an invitation was sent to Sedat Peker after the assassination of international gangs.

Stating that Sedat Peker reached out to one of his ‘very close relatives’ and asked questions, Ağırel said, “I am sharing this with you, thinking that this should be known to the public,” and added: “There is an isolation imposed on him. Digital isolation. Jammers were brought to the house where he lives and he was told that he would be disconnected from his phone. Currently, they have not cut off the internet because of their children’s school. They told him that if he shares one more post, likes, RT, they will resort to this way. Sedat Peker was also looking for a method for this. Even when working on these methods, citations He also did it himself… He gave an example regarding Süleyman Demirel, and gave a speech in the style of ‘Democracies are inexhaustible, of course we will find a solution’.


Stressing that he was informed that talks were being held with international criminal gangs to assassinate Peker, Ağırel said, “There is something that I care about very much here. There is something that I care about very much. After the beheading of the target person to certain groups and international crime gangs, that is, Sedat Peker’s… Sedat Peker’ Sedat Peker’s front says the following about an assassination attempt: In deep vents, an application that is accepted as an open invitation to international organizations capable of committing murder has been made. Sedat Peker said, “I am aware of the assassination preparation, I am waiting.” (NEWS CENTER)

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