Aliyev warned: We will act immediately

Aliyev and his wife Mihriban Aliyeva visited Fuzuli province in the 2nd year of the 44-day war started on September 27, 2020 for the liberation of the occupied territories of Armenia.

Visiting the village of Karahanbeyli, which the Azerbaijani army saved on the first day of the war, Aliyev laid flowers at the monument built in memory of the martyrs in front of one of the positions where the clashes took place.

Aliyev, in his speech here, said that he was proud of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country, that their blood did not remain on the ground and that their revenge was taken on the battlefield.

Stating that Azerbaijan saved its own lands from occupation and ensured the territorial integrity of the country, Aliyev said, “The 44-day Homeland War is our glorious history. The people of Azerbaijan mobilized all their strength, united like a fist and drove the enemy out of our homeland. All Azerbaijani people showed unity and will. Thanks to the sacrifices and heroism of our heroic soldiers and officers, we are building, producing, rebuilding our cities and villages on liberated lands, and we are proud of our glorious victory. At the same time, we, as the owners of these lands, are proud to give life to these lands.” said.


Reminding that the Azerbaijani army always went forward in 44 days and did not take a step back even for a day, Aliyev said, “About 300 cities and villages were liberated from the enemy in 44 days. The enemy accepted his defeat by signing the capitulation document and had to withdraw from the occupied lands. We are a happy generation. We are a happy generation because the glorious task fell on us. We are a happy generation because we are both witnesses and participants of this historical event. The next generations will always be proud of this glorious history. We are proud to be the children of this land. We have won our right on the battlefield, defeated the enemy. And we are proud that we will live forever as a victorious nation, a victorious country from now on.” used the phrases.

Ilham Aliyev said, “Today, by commemorating the cherished memory of our martyrs, each of us must promise and swear to ourselves that we will protect our independence and territorial integrity forever. We will not allow the enemy to raise his head again or to pose a threat to us again. If we see it, we will act immediately. I am sure it is necessary. Because the growing strength of our country, including its military strength, is the guarantor of our independence and comfortable life.” he said.

President Aliyev and his wife commemorated the martyrs with a minute of silence.

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