Ali Sirmen : ‘You’re going to rock three or five brats!’

24-year-old in Iran Mahsa AminiThe events that broke out after the murder of . News of protests and atrocities continue to come from all over the country. As stated in the news published in Cumhuriyet on Friday, December 16, Ilam Abdanan He was taken into custody and taken away from his home on 19 November. Sonia Sheriff He is waiting for the death penalty given to him to be upheld and executed.

Sharif, who has recently been accused of waging war against God, like all those who took part in the protests, is currently awaiting his sentence in the juvenile prison. Because 17-year-old Sharif is considered a child in Iran. But being a child does not prevent his execution. However, if she is a virgin, she will be dematerialized first and then hanged.


Now, the hard-line rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who try to control the people by intimidating the people with the death penalty, are hoping to create an atmosphere of fear with the death penalty to prevent the protests spreading all over the country, and hope for the intimidation it will provide. Now, the dreadful slogan often used by hard-line idiots is this:

-Shake it, three or five brats, let’s see if there’s any protest left.

At the end of the week, the news that the majority of the deputies of the Iranian parliament wrote a letter to the members of the Velayati Faqih office demanding that the death sentences be executed immediately, was reported, but later denied. In any case, the initiation of execution decisions that were not given until two weeks ago was not enough to prevent the protests.

People have hated the mollarchy so much that they are protesting and raising their voices, no matter how severe the consequences are. Just like the Iranian national football team did in Qatar. While the national team players who played the England game in Qatar were protesting the regime by refusing to sing the Iranian national anthem, they knew that they would be held accountable when they returned to the country. But, as for most Iranians, the knives are now on the bone, so the athletes protested.

Now Iran’s sovereign mullah government is faced with a people who are so obsessed with it.

Yes, no one expects the mollarchy to be overthrown from today to tomorrow, but now it seems that the bells of the beginning of the end for the regime are ringing.

As a matter of fact, although the mollarchie re-established the death stands, the events cannot be prevented and its spread to the whole country cannot be prevented.


We all have to follow these developments closely and evaluate them correctly. Because all these developments come from the headscarf.

For a while, it was not possible to explain that the headscarf issue is complex, that while focusing on the freedom to cover the head, there is also the aspect of not covering, and that it is equally polite in both aspects.

It was the same in Iran. Sometime Reza Shah‘s attempt to ban the headscarf was not welcomed in Iran. Later, some heedless people, who did not think about the allegiance but did not grasp the true face of the mollarchy, did not heed the warnings of those who said that the headscarf problem was a double-edged sword, wore hijab for solidarity in the demonstrations against the dictatorship of Shah Reza Pahlavi and were mistaken in supporting the mollarchy. They could not see that they were paving the way for a regime of oppression that left them behind.

The Iranian people are now paying the penance for their ignorance.

It seems that the blood-curdling persecution news from Iran will continue to come for a while.