Ali Sirmen: Mullahs impose

CNN reporter Christian AmanpourWhat ‘s lived through in New York last week showed once again that the demonstrators who took to the streets for freedom all over the country and the Iranian mullahs, who are in trouble, persist in imposing their cruelty on the whole world.

President of Iran, which has witnessed clashes between demonstrators and pro-regime forces since September 16 Head of AbrahamChristian Amanpour, who took the opportunity to come to the USA to attend the United Nations meetings, applied to the Iranian authorities to discuss the biggest wave of protests seen in Iran since 2009, requesting a meeting with the president. While the Lebanese-born reporter of CNN was waiting at the meeting place when the time came, one of the officials asked him to cover his head. Amanpour politely declines this request, saying that there is no such custom. When the parties resist in their stance, the meeting is over.

This attitude of the mullah diplomacy of the Iranian authorities, which includes its traditional hypocrisy as well as its arrogance, is an indicator of how resilient it is in imposing the imposition on Iranian women on everyone outside their own country.


Iran is currently awash with demonstrations that pit large groups of people against the guards of the Mollarshi in the streets. The cause of the events was that on September 13, the 22-year-old allegedly did not cover his head properly. Mahsa Aminiby the moral police of “guidance” He died in the police station where he was called.

While women in Iran are walking on the streets, they can be turned away from the road and taken to the police station by the Revolutionary Guards. This is seen as a normal occurrence that can happen to all Iranian women. Ayatollah Khomeini As the owners of the regime, the Revolutionary Guards called Pasdaran-ı Islami, whose number reached 1 million, were founded by the citizens, and they have every right over women, especially women.

For this reason, they can take women who they think do not cover their heads properly to the police station on the street. It has been proven by the testimonies of the victims that the women who were taken to the police station were exposed to rape many times here.

The Revolutionary Guards control all life in Iran, including the economic and political sphere. In recent years, privatizations in the economy have been made by the Revolutionary Guards, and this institution, which is the tool of the mullahs to keep the country under pressure, has turned into a full pressure mechanism against the civilian population.

Upon hearing of Mahsa Amini’s death while she was at the hands of the Revolutionary Guards, the death toll exceeded 100 during the last demonstrations, which broke out on September 17, when women took off their headscarves and started burning them.

It is feared that the demonstrations will turn into massacres with the brutal reaction of the Revolutionary Guards, known for their cruelty, when they take to the streets after the events could not be prevented.


The mullahs, who do not care a bit that the events turn into massacres, are trying to connect the reaction of the people, who have lost their patience, to the provocations of imperialism.

Prior to Mehmet Ali Guller Then Zülal Tetovo they mentioned, “mollarchy”We should not be fooled by this method, which is frequently used by the .

It is no consolation that those who rape young girls by summoning them to the police station, and those who kill people by beating them with sticks, are of the same language and religion.

While revealing its oppressive face, the Mollarchi also makes its hypocrisy obvious by hiding these attempts behind the shield of anti-imperialism.

Iran has closed all democratic avenues since 1979 and is condemned to persecution with Khomeini’s coup, which some heedless initially thought to be a revolution.

And Iran reveals at every opportunity that it seeks to spread this regime to the world if it can.