Ali Ko’u hit the ground! Great smail Kartal reaction: Fenerbaheliler left…

nl sports commentator Cneyt Kaeler made statements about smail Kartal and Ali Ko. Stating that 4 transfers can be made to the staff of Smail Kartal, Kaeler said, “You made 12-13 transfers, still nothing.” he criticized Ali Ko management.


Commentator Cneyt Kaeler speaking to Lig Radio; While stating that Michy Batshuayi could be successful in the system in Fenerbahe, “Who is Batshuayi? The man Beikta hired last year, this year he didn’t re-hire, he didn’t hire again. He replaced Weghorst. Who is Weghorst? Fenerbahe’s understanding is the striker who was not taken because Jorge Jesus didn’t want it.” said.


Kaeler stated that Weghorst was not taken because Jorge Jesus did not want it. “Fenerbahe could have said, ‘We didn’t take Weghorst, we took Batshuayi because it didn’t fit Jesus’ system.’ He would have done that a month ago, and then Fenerbahe would have put forward a vision.” annexed residence.


Saying that the same things happened in the 5th year of Ali Ko, Kaeler said, “You set such a goal that by saying ‘Srloth’ Berisha came. Serdar Dursun was there when you took Mesut zil. Fenerbahe could not manage a crisis once.” used the expressions


Cneyt Kaeler stated that 12-13 transfers were made to the staff of Smail Kartal, which will continue with 4 transfers. “Still nothing, still no center back. I would have replaced Batshuayi with a center back. Joshua King could play for Batshuayi.” made statements.