Alarm in Japan: 67 thousand people were called to evacuate

Tens of thousands of people in Japan call for evacuation

Typhoon Hinnamnor, which affects different parts of Asia and causes heavy rain and winds with the atmospheric pressure it brings, continues its effect in Japan.

While 17,392 people living in 8,292 households in the city of Toba in Mie province were called to evacuate due to the risk of landslides, the evacuation calls affected 49 thousand 651 people living in 25 thousand households in Ishigaki city of Okinawa province.

While some markets in the state of Okinawa remained closed due to warnings that the typhoon would increase its severity, some residents in the panic caused the shelves to remain empty by stocking up on basic foodstuffs from the open markets.


The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) warned yesterday that strong winds caused by Typhoon Hinnamnor could cause winds that could topple trees, power poles and vehicles in parts of Okinawa.

In addition, landslide warnings were issued for many regions. The atmospheric instability caused by Typhoon Hinnamnor is expected to continue in different parts of the country tomorrow.

* Images of the news are provided by the Associated Press.

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