AK Party asked for opinion on Erdogan’s candidacy: It can’t be in June

WALL – Lawyer Prof., who is known to consult the opinions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. İzzet Özgenç spoke about the debates on whether President Erdoğan can be a candidate again in an election to be held in June 2023.

Guest of Journalist Mustafa Yılmaz on TV5 Özgenç said, “Can President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan be a candidate again according to the constitution or not?” In his answer to the question, he explained that the AK Party’s senior executive had received his opinion on this issue. Özgenç said that Erdoğan cannot be a presidential candidate again after an election in June, which is the usual date according to the constitution, pointing to the months of April or May.


“I do not give names, but people from the senior management of the AK Party asked me for my opinion on this issue,” Prof. Dr. İzzettin Özgenç noted the following regarding Erdoğan’s presidential candidacy:

“My view as a lawyer is this. The constitutional regulation is clear and unambiguous. If the presidential election will be held in the normal time, our esteemed president cannot be a candidate. Because he created a presidential candidate two times in a row. The President has been elected, the constitution prevents him from being elected a third time. If the election date is taken before the normal time, it will be held in May or April, but not before April 6, because the change in the election law can only be applied after one year has passed, it can be on a date before the date in June after 6-7 April . If an election will be held in May 2023, our esteemed president may be a candidate again.”