‘Air operation was carried out against Kandil’… Minister Akar: They were hit in Asos, 140 km from the Turkish border


Minister Akar said:

Consider where we’ve come, a great success. This is what it means to be a nation, there is no going back. All SirnakWe express our gratitude to our brothers in . The Turkish Armed Forces continues their struggle day and night. Our sphere of influence and interest has expanded. We have to work harder than ever. We are working to fulfill our responsibilities towards our nation. We will ensure our unity, integrity and survival. Our government is working to solve the problems.

We are on the backs of terrorists without making any concessions. The fight against terrorism continues, we are determined to end it. The PKK is not the representative of our Kurdish brothers. They were buried by Mehmetçik in the pits they dug. Where is the terrorist, that’s our target. We will end terrorism, there is no complacency.



Just 2 days ago, on the 26th, the Turkish Armed Forces went, entered 140 kilometers, hit 16 terrorist caves, shelters, so-called command posts in Asos with great success and this will continue.

No stopping until the last terrorist is neutralized. Terrorists do everything to confuse the international community. Turks and Kurds are brothers. There have been many attempts in the past and today, we resisted, we will continue to resist. We will be one punch. We built this homeland together, let’s not carry water to corruption. Whether it’s the PKK or the YPG, these are terrorists. We are determined to get rid of the scourge of terrorism.


More than 25 million pieces left Ukrainian ports. There was a hostage crisis, our president solved it with diplomacy.


Greece has provocative actions and aggressive attitudes. We are looking for peaceful solutions. We want wealth to be shared fairly.

We are also determined to defend the rights of our Cypriot citizens. We are in favor of peaceful solutions in the Aegean. Whether they come here or we go, let’s meet. We are in favor of meeting whoever is behind Greece.

Currently, 80 percent of the needs of our armed forces are met by domestic means. Turkey is a great state, let’s experience the excitement of it.

Our unity is essential for a great and strong Turkey. What difficulties did we overcome, we will overcome. Support is very important to us. We will take firm steps on the road to prosperity.