Air France suspends two of its pilots after fighting in the cockpit

Two pilots fighting in the cockpit suspended

France’s flag carrier airline Air France has suspended the duties of its two pilots who had a fight in their cockpit.

According to BFMTV’s report, one of the pilots accidentally crashed into the other shortly after the Airbus A320 plane took off on the Paris-Geneva flight in June.

For this reason, the argument between the two pilots turned into a fight and the pilots first slapped each other and then started hitting each other.

Air France suspended the two pilots as a result of the investigation, while one of the plane’s crew separated the pilots and remained in the cabin as a precautionary measure throughout the flight.


France’s civil aviation security investigation bureau (BEA) also published a report showing that many problems were experienced in Air France’s flights, warning the company and urging it to respect the flight rules.

In the report, the BEA states that the pilots of the Air France plane, which landed in Encemine, the capital of Chad due to a fuel leak during the Brazavil (Congo)-Paris (France) flight on 31 December 2020, ignored the safety procedures and did not disconnect the engine close to the tank where the leak occurred, and a possible He cited the narrow escape of a great fire as an example.

*Image of the news served by Associated Press.

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