Agricultural Credit went crazy! Can’t believe the prices of 30 boxes of eggs, 5 kg granulated sugar, 5 L TK Sunflower oil

Agricultural credit market continues its crazy discount campaigns without a break. The agricultural credit market, which finished the first campaign of January on January 15, announced the details of its new campaign, valid between January 16 and January 31. Within the scope of discounts valid until January 31st in the agricultural credit market, the price of 30 boxes of eggs, 5 kg of granulated sugar, 5 liters of sunflower oil will shock everyone. Because agricultural credit market products are a little more expensive than free. Those who miss this discount of Tarım Kredi will be very upset.

Agricultural Credit Market, which is one of the most striking market chains in Turkey with its economic shopping opportunities in recent years, continues to list its very affordable products one after the other. The list of discounted products that will continue until January 31 in the agricultural credit market has been announced. The agricultural loan market, where you can meet all the basic food needs of your home, also shared its extra discounted products. Here are the products that will be sold at a discount in agriculture credit this week…



The list of discounted products of the week has been announced in the agricultural credit market. In the famous supermarket chain, which continues to bring the most affordable and highest quality products to consumers, everything from eggs to granulated sugar is very economically priced. Here is the agricultural credit market 16 January 2023 discounted price list:

Thirty egg varieties 58.90 TL

Agriculture loan Heat-treated veal coil sausage 28.90 TL

Agriculture loan 5 liters of sunflower oil 135 TL

Agriculture loan fat cottage cheese 29,90 TL

Agriculture credit coffee world salep 39.50 TL,

Coffee world hot chocolate 39.50 TL

Red lentils 21 TL

Parex medium size lemon and strawberry scented shirred garbage bag 15 pieces 28,90 TL

Arko nem classic 39.90 TL

Elif liquid soap 10.90 TL



Paper towels and toilet paper products are waiting for you at very affordable prices in the agricultural credit market discounts valid between January 16 and January 31, 2023. The continuation of agricultural loan market discounts are as follows;

12 rolls three-ply super jersey bamboo paper yard 89.90 TL

16 rolls of three-ply super swimsuit bamboo toilet paper 74.90 TL

First eight varieties 11.90 TL, meat vetch 18.90 TL

Turgutreis varieties 8.95 TL

Taco spicy snack ultra varieties 10.90 TL

Fanta 2.5 liter cola varieties 19.90 TL

Fruit NECTAR varieties 12,90 TL

SU stone toast cheese varieties 77.90 TL

Agricultural loan beef Hungarian salami 26.50 TL

Uludağ 1 liter lemonade 12.90 TL

Agricultural credit market discounts are valid until January 31, 2023. Don’t miss the huge discount campaign on your purchases until this date.