Agricultural Credit Markets feed the citizens with cheese! Those who are quick to buy these products at these prices!

A new discounted products list has been published in Tarım Kredi Cooperative Market. Which products are offered to the consumers at which prices in Agricultural Credit Markets? Here are all the details in this news…

Agricultural Credit Markets is one of the markets that citizens follow with curiosity and even form long queues in front of their doors. A little while before the end of December, Agricultural Credit Markets published a new list of discounted products.


TK pasta varieties 9.90 TL, TK Popcorn 17.90 TL, TK wheat flour 24.90 TL, TK tuna 34.50 TL, Kemal Öz Çorum ravioli 19.90 TL, Tombul home tarhana 48.90 TL, TK beef and lamb meatballs 47.50 TL, Özlem kangal sausage 199 TL , Chicken leg with plate 31.90 TL, ESK chicken wrap 44 TL

Özlem veal macaroon salami 9.50 TL, Özlem veal pistachio macaroon salami 23.50 TL, TK Black Sea black tea 66.90 TL, TK glass of tea bag 10.50 TL, Kızılay natural mineral water 15.90 TL, TK Turkish coffee 14.50 TL, Aynes white cheese 69.90 TL, TK extra traditional apricot jam 39.90 TL


TK round fresh cheddar 134.90 TL, Sütaş cheddar cheese 77.90 TL, Tarsüt butter 129.90 TL, TK cottage white cheese 29.90 TL, TK semi-skimmed milk 14.75 TL, TK whole milk 15.50 TL, Marmarabirlik black olive 34.90 TL, Sleepy extra diapers 89.90 TL, Yetiş concentrated fabric softener 29.90 TL


Elite matic laundry powder detergent 83.90 TL, Viking liquid laundry detergent 49.90 TL, Elite liquid dishwashing detergent 45.90 TL, Elite ultra bleach 39.90 TL, Solo paper towel 84.90 TL, Freestanding toilet paper 129.90 TL