After Youssouf Ndayishimiye’s ‘record’ separation, he told about his former teachers! ‘The management was surprised, I said to the G. Saray’

24-year-old football player Youssouf Ndayishimiye, who came to Yeni Malatyaspor from Burundi for 45 thousand Euros in 2020 and made his way to Medipol Başakşehir between the half of 2021, was awarded 16 million Euros by France. nice transferred to the team.

We asked Hikmet Karaman, Kemal Özdeş and Hamza Hamzaoğlu, the coach of the period when he played in Yeni Malatyaspor, about the Burundian football player who went down in history as the player with the highest sale price in Başakşehir.


HIKMET KARAMAN: When we came to Yeni Malatyaspor, we asked President Adil Gevrek, “President, aren’t there any players in the infrastructure? We need young players. Let me see them,” I said. Adil President said, “We brought 2-3 players at the beginning of the season. They train with the infrastructure,” he said. In other words, Youssouf came at the beginning of the season and went to training with the infrastructure because he was not liked. I bought them and took them to training with the A team. Youssouf’s physical condition was incredible and extraordinary. I immediately took it to the staff and played it. FenerbahceHe scored a goal and continued. Technical guys can sometimes be a turning point in a person’s life. I taught tactical play and positioning. He was weak at this. We were doing a special 40-minute program with the technical team about his tactical development. He was already a strong player. We have seen that the innate anatomical structure is very strong and extraordinary. Youssouf didn’t have a name until I left. Perhaps he would return to his native Burundi. In fact, when I put Youssouf in the top 11 in his first match, Fenerbahçe, the chairman and the board of directors were surprised.


HAMZA HAMZAOGLU: Actually, this was something I expected, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to me. The day we signed with Yeni Malatyaspor, we met with my team in our first training session and what I said was this: “This football player will come to very good places in this team. Awesome kid, we got to play Youssouf. A total libero.” That’s what we talked about in the first practice. We believed in him, we trusted him and we gave him a chance. In fact, when I learned that Youssouf was getting the minimum wage, I said, “Make 10 thousand dollars a month. This club will make money off this kid. Make this kid happy already,” I said. Basaksehir and Galatasaray he wanted. When Galatasaray asked me about Youssouf, “You should definitely get it. He will come to a much better place”, I advised. He was a player with future potential. I wish him success. Youssouf is a characterful and decent boy. He’s not just a midfielder, he’s a team player. The reason we used it in the midfield was because of his strong physique, ball technique, game intelligence and his contribution to the attack. He also supports the defense very well in the midfield. He is a very effective player in both air ball and ground interceptions by entering the spaces cleared by the centre-backs. I think it will do better from there. It will keep going


KEMAL ÖZDEŞ: When I went to Yeni Malatyaspor at halftime, they said that a player was out to try. At that time, the Sporting Director was Ali Ravcı and he had very good thoughts about the potential of the player. I witnessed Youssouf’s early stage. He was a hardworking, potential and character actor. He was 22 years old when he came to Malatya. At that time, when he tried for Malatyaspor, his physical superiority was also at a high level. Later, when I started training, we saw that Youssouf’s potential was high and he worked extra hard to stay there. At that time, I decided to stay with the team. He had the skills to play in any position and worked extra outside of practice. Later, when he gave his approval, a 3.5-year contract was made. The next season, he started playing counter in Yeni Malatyaspor and Burundi National Team. After playing in the National Team, Başakşehir transferred him. Başakşehir is the club that made the main contribution to its development. When you look at it, I think that Anatolian clubs need such transfers. In this period when the incomes of the clubs are falling, foreign players and players with no future expectations are given huge sums of money. You need to choose players who have potential and can get efficiency. It is necessary to reveal such potentials and play them in teams.


Ndayishimiye, who came to Yeni Malatyaspor on the last day of the 2019/20 season interim transfer period with a 45 thousand euros testimonial and minimum wage salary, and transferred to Başakşehir for 2.1 million euros after shining his star, lived a fairy tale in 2 years.

Promoting to the TFF 1st League in the 2015/16 season, Yeni Malatyaspor added team captain Azubuike Okechukwu, who won the African U23 Nations Cup with Nigeria, from Bayelsa United for 200 thousand Euros. Azubuike, who is an unchangeable name in Malatyaspor, where he came at the age of 18, played 28 games in his first season and 31 games in his second season. The Nigerian, who won the championship with Malatyaspor in 2016/17, drew attention with his performance in 2017/18.

Azubuike, who played 29 official matches, was transferred to the Egyptian team Pyramids for 2 million Euros. Azubuike, who brought a serious testimonial to the Malatya team, stepped into the Super League with the jersey of Çaykur Rizespor after a half-season adventure in Egypt. When his teacher in Rize, Okan Buruk, became the head of Başakşehir, Azubuike took his way to Istanbul and won the championship last season.

Having difficulty in filling the gap of Azubuike, Yeni Malatyaspor could not find the name he was looking for, although he made reinforcements to the squad. Having a difficult time in the 2019/20 season, the Yellow and Red team left Aigle Noir FC de Makamba with a transfer fee of only 45 thousand euros at halftime. Youssouf NdayishimiyeHe added to his staff.


First time outside of his native Burundi Football Youssouf, who will play, came to Malatya with minimum wage. Youssouf, who played in 8 matches, made a strong impression with his performance of 1 goal and 2 assists. Youssouf, who became one of the banks of Malatyaspor after Hamza Hamzaoğlu took office, also got the contract with a raise.

The 22-year-old player, who played 19 games in the Super League in 2020/21 and shook the nets of Fenerbahçe and Ankaragücü, transfer He was one of the favorites of his time. Youssouf, who is following Anderlecht, Galatasaray and Başakşehir, signed the Orange-Navy Blue team on the last day of the transfer.

The 24-year-old football player, who played 17 games in the Super League this season and scored 4 goals, scored 3 goals and made 1 assist in 12 games in the Conference League qualifiers and groups.