Adnan Polat: I promised for Galatasaray

Spor Toto Super Leaguein the 7th week of Galatasarayin the field KonyasporBy defeating ‘ 2-1, the match was highly advanced.

After the match, one of the former presidents of Galatasaray club Adnan Polat made statements to the press.

Stating that Galatasaray will be better in the coming weeks, Polat said, “I went to Okan to support him. The President also showed kindness and he hosted me. He invited me to the match today, I came. As a result of the decision taken in the last financial general assembly, Galatasaray now understands some things. They also showed that there is unity and solidarity in these difficult days. I hope this does not happen again. I came, but it turns out I was in great peace. What a stress, I died. Galatasaray was playing better in the past matches, today football was bad. I didn’t like the referee either. Both teams “I don’t think he played well either, but there was only one good thing: our victory, being together with Galatasaray fans. I hope this two-week break will give Okan time to prepare the team for Galatasaray. I hope we will see a better Galatasaray because there is that light.” he said.

Stating that the new transfers in Galatasaray are slowly adapting to the team, Polat said, “You can see what is happening in a newly established team in 6-7 weeks. Since Galatasaray’s transfer process is a bit long this year, most of the players recruited are newly adapted to the team. “When we look at the football that will be revealed after 2 weeks, I can make a comment, but I think that the newly formed team is now the leader and has passed this period with few losses. I think it will be better from now on. The championship is always the goal of Galatasaray. This will be clearer in the coming days.” We’ll be able to see it,” he said.

Stating that he is always ready for duty in matters where he can help Galatasaray, Adnan Polat said, “It is not re-management, but I talked to the President of Dursun; if there is something that falls on me, there is something that I can be useful to Galatasaray, and he believes it. I promised that I will be.

Stating that they are in contact with Galatasaray President Dursun Ă–zbek, Polat said, “The issue about real estate is one, there are other issues. There are currently studies on real estate, Florya and the new camp facility to be built. Since Dursun is from the hotel sector, my opinions from time to time, He wants help. I am trying to do my best, and I will continue to do so,” he said.

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