Additional measures for the low-income are on the way

Freed: Additional measures for the low-income are on the way

AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş stated that the election is approaching and said, “When we ask the other party who is your candidate, they say, ‘You will wear it out if we name the candidate.’ Our President Erdoğan has not been worn out in politics for years. “The main problem is not who the candidate will be, but the main problem is that they do not agree on how they intend to govern Turkey,” he said.

AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş, who came to Van to participate in a series of events, held a press conference under the provincial presidency of his party. Stating that an extremely difficult and tight agenda is going through that the world will see every few centuries, Kurtulmuş said, “We are all following the economic, political and power struggles in almost every part of the world, and that an economic picture that we all follow closely, especially with the process after the coronavirus epidemic, is getting worse. We know it is,” he said.

“The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and the ongoing war between Russia and the West, on the other hand, the struggle between China and America around the island of Taiwan in the Pacific, is not just a struggle between the two countries, but a struggle between the balances of power in the world. Therefore, it is economically extremely important. “The world has entered a difficult process. On the one hand, we are in a process where great struggles have emerged, first supported by terrorist groups through proxy wars, then continued through trade wars, then brought to the agenda through economic wars, and unfortunately, we are all in the form of actual wars today,” he said. he said.

Stating that the geography at the focal point of all these tensions is the geography Turkey is in, Kurtulmuş said that the country, especially since the beginning of the Ukraine-Russian War, has created an exceptionally strong balance policy, both as a country with hope for world peace and a solid road to peace in the world. He said that he has gained the ability to become a global actor that will somehow arbitrate.

Stating that under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has made clear its position between Russia and Ukraine from the very beginning, and that it is almost the only country in the world that can talk to both countries, it is a gateway of hope for peace in this sense, and said, “A final decision was made in the negotiations in Istanbul. It was time to talk. But unfortunately, the war could not be ended because some countries wanted the war to continue for a long time. In this sense, we also saw the importance of Turkey that emerged with this war. The whole world understood. “I hope it will continue to be the most important force for peace in this geography,” he said.


Stating that we are the country that said from the first moment that with this war, the issue is not just war, but that it will cause difficulties in other areas, Kurtulmuş said:

“Unfortunately, some Western countries underestimated the incoming energy crisis, they thought they could solve it. Russia turned the valve a little bit. We saw energy prices double in Europe within a week. can we save money?’ They think. The world is facing a major energy crisis. Turkey saw this ahead of time. It accelerated its natural gas and hydrocarbon exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Currently, as we speak, the Abdulhamid Han ship, oil and hydrocarbon exploration activities in the Mediterranean “After a very large natural gas resource we found in the Black Sea, by finding natural gas resources in the Mediterranean, Turkey will continue to be one of the countries least affected by the crisis in the whole world.”

Kurtulmuş said that Turkey, which plays an important role in solving the grain supply crisis due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, is not only a country that takes care of itself, but also has the potential to solve the developments in the world. Stating that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has demonstrated his influence in this process as a global leader, Kurtulmuş said that the economy in Turkey continues to grow with the measures taken since the first days of the pandemic. Kurtulmuş said, “Some of them say, ‘What does it do if we grow up, what does it mean?’ I can hear you say.There has never been a country in the world where the problems of its people are solved without a strong economy without growth, development, strengthening.In this sense, it is noteworthy that Turkey is the second most growing country in the world with a growth of 7.5 in the first quarter of this year and 7.6 in the second quarter of this year. “It is a worthwhile development. Turkey will continue to take its steps towards becoming a strong, producing and exporting country, and will achieve the most profitable outcome at the end of these troubled processes,” he said.


Reminding the steps taken to improve the minimum wage at the beginning of the year, Kurtulmuş reminded that measures such as VAT reductions, the government’s waiver of some taxes and the cheapening of goods were taken, and said that President Erdoğan will give important good news after the Council of Ministers meeting this week. Kurtulmuş said, “Our President will most likely share six important measures regarding our citizens. Thus, steps and additional measures will be brought to the agenda to alleviate the burden of our citizens in this process. Similarly, to prevent excessive rents, which is one of the biggest ordeals of our citizens, especially in residences and workplaces. In order to ensure that low-income citizens can own a house, a launch will be held in Ankara within the next week to hand over 250 thousand houses and 100 thousand land plots to our citizens,” he said.

Explaining that Turkey should continue on its way as a strong and great country again, Kurtulmuş said:

“It is a fully democratic country, which is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of economy and domestic politics, strong in democracy, in terms of rights and law, has fully ensured its social integrity at home, got rid of the elements of terrorism and armed oppression, has no discrimination among its citizens due to ethnic, sectarian and other differences,” he said. To build a Turkey where Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Albanian, Bosnian and no one of our citizens living in this country look sideways at each other, and where the shadows of weapons never stay on this country. Every time we come to our Eastern and Southeastern Anatolian provinces, we compare with the past and thank God. Turkey has suffered an economic loss of 1.5 trillion dollars, which has been occupied by terrorist organizations for decades, and unfortunately lost more than 40 thousand of its people to terrorism. Why? This is how the son of the hand, the infidel wants. Let there be a Turkish-Kurdish, Sunni-Alevi fight in this country and Turkey will deal with it. to waste time. Thank God we will break this game. The peoples of this region have no other fate than each other. A Turk can have no other future than a Kurd, a Kurd an Arab, an Arab a Persian. The future of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey and, in short, all the peoples of this region is together, in brotherhood, in partnership. In order to achieve this, we consider it important for us to stand and run as a strong Turkey. In this sense, when we look back on those past days, now, thank God, you can go to the farthest village of Çaldıran at midnight. Thank God, terrorism has somehow disappeared from the public agenda in Turkey today. Our Kurdish brothers have put a great distance between themselves and the terrorist organization that has been cooking boza on their own neck for years and imprisoned the terrorist organization in the mountains.”


Noting that the election is approaching, Kurtulmuş said, “When we ask the other side who your candidate is, they say, ‘You will wear it out if we say the candidate.’ Our President Erdoğan has not been worn out in politics for years. “The main problem is not who the candidate will be, the main problem is that they do not have a consensus on how they intend to govern Turkey,” he said.

Kurtulmuş said, “It is not even possible for you to participate in the race without HDP’s vote. If you show HDP, this time others are disturbed. Here are the difficulties. Then, “Let’s find a formula such that HDP does not appear but gives us their votes. HDP rightly says; Brother, I’m bringing you there, I’m choosing, so vote and don’t appear. Now there is a revel going on,” he said.

Kurtulmuş answered the question asked by journalists about the statements targeting the Ottoman Empire, on the anniversary of İzmir’s liberation from the enemy occupation, as follows:

“The words they say are not worth an iota. The life of great nations like us is not read like a story. It is like a novel. Something different is told in each chapter, but they are all a continuation of each other. The Ottomans are the continuation of the Seljuks. The Seljuks are the continuation of the previous ones. This is how the history of this nation continues. If you read it like a story, you will not understand. There is nothing to separate the Ottoman Empire from the Republic. Both the Ottoman Empire and the Republic are ours. All civilizations living in Anatolia are ours. We are talking about a country that has hosted 24 civilizations. All of these are part of our country’s history, our culture. “Now, if you see the Ottomans as an enemy, wouldn’t they ask the man, wasn’t Mustafa Kemal Atatürk an Ottoman officer? In other words, this nation, all together, entered the First World War, fought for independence, and did not have a cannon or a rifle, but a pickaxe or a shovel,” he said. He said, ‘Oh Allah,’ and stood up. ber stood up and in the end he collapsed, dispersed. The whole empire also established a fresh young Republic. My grandfather was also an officer. My grandfather is a veteran officer who participated in all wars. He is an Ottoman officer. There was a struggle for liberation involving the nation, including those who were Ottoman officers, and eventually, together with the young Republic of Turkey, it established its last state, which will continue until the apocalypse. Saying ‘This state belongs to someone else’ is like saying ‘Part of this land belongs to me, the other part belongs to others’. Every page of this history is ours. Every page is full of honor. It has flaws, shortcomings, inaccuracies. It exists today, it will happen tomorrow, but it is a great misfortune to divide the history of a deep-rooted nation like ours into pieces. This means not understanding anything from the history of the nation. We commemorate those who took part in the liberation struggle with respect and mercy. In this sense, young Turkey will hopefully live forever until the end of the world. There may be such bad ideas from time to time, however, Turkey will go further and be stronger.

After the press conference, Kurtulmuş presented the new participants with their badges.

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