Action has been taken for Iranian endless Mohsen Namjoo! Expected to be arrested when entering Turkey

Between 2-10 December, the endless Iranian musician Mohsen Namjoo, who mocks the Holy Quran, our supreme religion, Islam; It was announced that he would give concerts in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Konya and Van.

With the common reaction of sensitive Muslims, Namjoo’s concerts in Bursa, Konya and Van were cancelled. Biletix continues to sell tickets for the concerts of the Iranian hadith planned in Istanbul and Ankara.

Criminal complaint with the demand for his arrest!

Sensible lawyers taking action for Namjoo; Ömer Faruk Ceylan, Cengiz Zübeyr Yılmaz, Mehmet Mustafa Özünver, Mustafa Reşit Reşitoğlu, Musab Özkan and Yakup Özünver filed a criminal complaint demanding the arrest of the Iranian hadith during his entry into Turkey.

In the application made by the lawyers, it was pointed out that the Namjoo concerts were a provocation, and it was reminded that such actions were taken in our recent history.

The lawyers, who made a joint press statement regarding their applications, used the following statements:

In recent days in our country, the nerve endings of our Muslim people have been touched by provocative attempts, especially through artists, and it is desired to create a tension on our nation. Particularly, with the activities carried out in a way to attract the anger of the religious people, the country is wanted to be polarized and the Republic of Turkey is aimed directly at the target. This same planned loom, known as the “Sivas Incidents” in our recent history, has brought our country into chaos.
We see it before the great ominous massacre that drags us. At that time, on the one hand, the society was agitated by insulting the beliefs of the people, on the other hand, our country was dragged into chaos by sending these people into the angry mass of the people. It seems that before the upcoming election, the outbreaks that want to drag our beautiful country into chaos have taken action. We observe the same situation in this case.

Certain groups that failed in the 2013 Gezi events and the 2016 coup attempts are trying to weaken the independence and disrupt the unity of the Republic of Turkey. In recent days, the same stage has been tried to be staged with the attacks on the religion of Islam and the values ​​that our people consider sacred, through so-called artists, and the unity of our state is attacked. We think that this organization was held within the same scope. As a matter of fact, it is obvious that it is highly probable that these concerts will cause conflict and turmoil within the country.

For these reasons, we filed a criminal complaint with the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of participating in the crime of “Disrupting the Unity of the State”, regulated in Article 302 of the TCK, by the managers of the organization company that organized the concerts of Mohsen Namjoo, an enemy of religion, and this person. Following the issuance of an arrest warrant for the suspect Mohsen Namjoo, who could not be called to testify because he lived abroad, we requested the execution of the necessary procedures for his arrest, considering the possibility of revealing his connection with organized crime organizations and obscuring the evidence. In addition, we wrote to the Governorship of Istanbul and demanded the cancellation of the concert, which must be considered as a serious organized crime under Article 302 of the TCK, due to the possible risk of turmoil and conflict. We ask our religious citizens to show maximum sensitivity in this regard and apply to the governorships of Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Konya and Van, where the organizations will take place, and convey their demands for the cancellation of the concerts.