According to Adnan Polat, the key name of Florya: I really congratulate him

Adnan Polat, one of the former presidents of Galatasaray, broke his long silence. Speaking to Sabah, Polat made very striking statements. Here are Adnan Polat’s words…

“How do you evaluate the 4-month performance of the administration headed by Dursun Özbek?”

“There was an atmosphere of resentment in Galatasaray. Dursun President told the subject to the General Assembly last. He did the right thing by unanimously accepting the unlawful administrative expulsion that had been made before to ensure internal peace. This situation removed the resentment and ensured internal peace. “Last year was a difficult period. There were problems in terms of sports and economy. Now, they are trying to restore Galatasaray to its foundational settings by acting together. They performed well in 4 months. They opened the first part of the island in a short time. The Florya project is a project in itself.” incident… They are making good progress there too. I am also a person from the construction industry. I told the president that I could help in any way, Dursun. It is not easy to keep Galatasaray alive in times of economic crisis in the world.”

“Galatasaray wants a championship in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic. Will Bitter achieve victory?”

“It is very promising for a newly established team to be one of the top 2 teams with average at the moment… I believe that very good things will happen. We believe and support. Galatasaray is one of the most important candidates for the championship … Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Trabzonspor, Başakşehir, other Anatolian teams also formed good squads. They perform well. The number of ambitious teams is high. This is a long-term race. It will be a difficult league. But I believe Galatasaray will lift the championship trophy.”

“Timur brought important players to Galatasaray. How do you find Timur’s work for a person who is a manager for the first time?”

“It’s going very well for a person who works in Galatasaray for the first time. I think it’s a great success to come in such a difficult time and add the transfers requested by the coach, within the foreseen budget, and ensure the re-establishment of the team… I congratulate Erden Timur. I was very happy with this performance. I hope he will perform a performance that will maintain the peace in Florya in the same way. Because he is one of the key people there…”

“You went to Florya after 11 years. How were your feelings?”

“Okan is a person I love very much. He is a football player that I started my professional life… At least I went to visit him to give moral support. We watched the training with the president and chatted. Then he asked me to come to the game the next day, Dursun president… A goal was scored in the 1st minute. They complimented me saying ‘You brought luck.