A101 Discount List Not Available! January 5, 2023 A101 Current Products Catalog

While A101 regularly publishes discount lists, it brings products in different categories to customers in chain markets across the country. In this context, together with the published list, the products that will be on sale as of January 5 have been announced. In the mentioned catalogue, cup sets, single porcelain products, patterned cups, cookware set of 3, pan and frying pan set, glass coffee cup, french press, steel coffee pot, microwave oven, ceramic-based iron, digital scale, vacuum cleaner, USB stick, ear There are products such as in-ear headphones, smart bracelets and rechargeable water pumps.

A101 Discounted Products Prices

As of January 5, 2023, the price list of the products that will be on sale on the A101 is as follows:

Toshiba 55″ Ultra HD Android TV 7.999 TL
Samsung 40T5300 Full HD Smart TV 6.199 TL
HI-LEVEL 39″ HD Android Smart Satellite Receiver Led 3.299 TL
Xiaomi Redmi 9C 3/64 GB Mobile Phone 3,799 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 4SEG BM 4001 / SBM 4001 Dishwasher with 4 Programs 4.299 TL
SEG CM 910 / SCM 9100 9 Kg Washing Machine 4.999 TL
Regal Deep Freezer 2,299 TL
Regal Office Type Refrigerator 1.999 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 1Kütahya Porcelain 12 Piece Cup Set 149.95 TL
Kütahya Porcelain Single Products 29.95 TL
LAV Patterned Glass 14.95 TL
LAV Striped Soft Drink Glass 16.95 TL
LAV Striped Water Glass 14.95 TL
Paşabahçe Footed Serving Plate with Lid 219.95 TL
G4U Cookware Set of 3 134.95 TL
Borcam Square Pyrex Glass with Plastic Cover 3200 cc 99.95 TL
Borcam Square Pyrex Glass with Plastic Cover 1950 cc 69.95 TL
Taç Pan and Pan Set 299.95 TL
Sinbo STO 6712 Professional Citrus Juicer 379.95 TL
SENZ Steel Coffee Pot 69.95 TL
Glass Coffee Cup 500 ml 12.50 TL
French Press 600 cc 49.95 TL
Ottimo Water Glass of 6 27.50 TL
Ottimo Tea Glass Set of 6 22.50 TL
Ottimo Mug with Handle 250 cc 11.25 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 2Samsung Microwave Oven 1.999 TL
Flavel Hand Blender Set 439 TL
Arzum Jolletea Tea Maker 549 TL
Arzum Peta Ceramic Iron Iron 429 TL
Kiwi Waffle Maker 349 TL
Aprilla AHC 5026 Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer 149 TL
Arzum Cleancompact Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner 1,599 TL
Aprilla ATR 7022 Hair, Beard and Body Care Machine 239 TL
Felix Smarta Oil and Water Meter Digital Scale 199 TL
Kiwi Rechargeable Water Pump 49.95 TL
SanDisk 64GB USB 3.2 Memory 129 TL
Piranha 2285 Bluetooth Headset 49.95 TL
SanDisk 64GB Micro SD Card 119 TL
Piranha Smart Bracelet 109 TL
GoSmart In-Ear Headphones 19.95 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 5Sinbo Wooden Stick Shoe Rack 109.95 TL
Floor Table 179.95 TL
Picnic Table 179.95 TL
Mixed Plastic Products 19.95 TL
Plastic Products 24.95 TL
Manual Chopper with 5 Blades 65 TL
Folding Kitchen Products 49.95 TL
Mixed Glass Products 9.95 TL
Trend Storage Container 9.95 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 6Triathlon Exercise Wheel 44.95 TL
Triathlon Sports Gloves 44.95 TL
Triathlon Metal Push-up Bar 44.95 TL
Triathlon Jump Rope 19.95 TL
Triathlon Pilates Ball 20 cm 15.95 TL
Triathlon Butterfly Arm and Leg Trainer 49.95 TL
Triathlon Waist Slimming Disc 54.95 TL
Triathlon Hand / Foot / Wrist Weight Set 31.95 TL
Triathlon Suction Cup Pulling Tool 89.95 TL
Triathlon Pilates & Yoga Exercise Band 5 pcs 25.95 TL
Yoga Roller 74.95 TL
Toy Slide 299 TL
Children’s Chair 59.95 TL
Toy Bultak Teddy Bear 33.95 TL
Burpak Gelatin Foam Pipette 100 pcs 11.95 TL
Doll Set with Balloons 76.95 TL
Toy Mixed Mini Dough Bag 29.95 TL
Toy Puzzle 120 Pieces 139.95 TL
Toy Picnic / Beauty Bag 47.95 TL
World Classics 7.95 TL
Bilal Civelek Books 12.95 TL
Special Cut Activity Books 11.95 TL
Coloring Books 6.45 TL
1st and 2nd Grade Reading Books 5.95 TL
Toy 2 Floor Parking Lot 159.95 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 7Velvet Non-Slip Living Room Carpet 5m2 399 TL
Velvet Non-Slip Living Room Carpet 3m2 249 TL
Double Liquid Proof Mattress Mattress 149 TL
Single Waterproof Mattress Mattress 109 TL
Liquid Impermeable Pillow Cover 29.95 TL
Crassula Chair Cover 22.95 TL
Mr. Fleece Beret 19.95 TL
Printed Men’s Beret 24.95 TL
Men’s Beret with Polar Headphones 29.95 TL
Men’s Fleece Neck Beanie 21.95 TL
Men / Women Seamless Beret 29.95 TL
Women’s Silvery Beret 32.95 TL
Women’s Pompom Beret 29.95 TL
Short Beret 19.95 TL
Women’s Pearl Beret 34.95 TL
Men / Women Gloves 14.95 TL
Kids Scarf Beanie Set 59.95 TL
Silk&Blue Women’s Patterned Athlete-Slip Suit 29.95 TL
Silk&Blue Women’s Patterned Socks 14.95 TL
Silk&Blue Bay Wool Terry Socks 19.95 TL

a101 5 january 2023 actual 8 a101 5 january 2023 actual 9

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