A101 Detergent, Dishwashing Liquid, Soap, Coffee Sale! 28 January 2023 A101 Current Products

A101 sells products in different categories in chain markets across the country. Announcing the discount campaigns on the products in question regularly, A101 announced the products that will meet with customers as of January 28. According to the catalog published by A101, products such as aged cheddar cheese, Dibek coffee, Dakota sunflower seed varieties, buttermilk, all-in-one dishwasher capsules, kitchen/bathroom spray cleaners, bath soap varieties, dish soap and powder detergent will be on the shelves.

A101 Discounted Products Price List

According to the catalog published by A101, the price list of the products that will be available between January 28 and February 3 is as follows:

Unal Old Cheddar Cheese 250 gr 49.90 TL
Keyfe Dibek Coffee 200 gr 24 TL
Cherries Native Dokato Sunflower Seed Varieties 400 gr 18.90 TL
Pınar Ayran 1.5 Liter 22.50 TL
Fairy All-in-One Dishwasher Capsule 100 pcs 259.90 TL
Cif Bathroom & Kitchen Spray Cleaner 1 Liter 29.50 TL
Gillette Blue 3 Hybrid Shaver + 8 Spare Blades 109 TL
Fairy Dishwashing Liquid 2600 ml 69.90 TL
Ariel Powder Detergent 9 Kg 163.90 TL
Dalan Bath Soap Types 4×200 gr 39.90 TL

a101 28 january 2023 actual 2
Albeni XXL Caramel Chocolate 280 gr 32.95 TL (valid for purchases over 10 TL)
Lipton Iced Tea Varieties / Pepesi Max / Yedigün Carbonated Drink 6×330 ml 27.50 TL (valid for purchases over 10 TL)