A suitable second hand vehicle opportunity has been announced from TEB! 2014 model vehicles find buyers for 93 thousand TL

Today, the rise in prices in the vehicle market does not stop. With the new price hikes at the beginning of September, conditions began to be difficult for people who want to buy a car for the first time. Although those who want to own a second-hand vehicle want to buy a car from advertisement sites, they give up after the prices increase day by day.

The first platform that those who want to buy a second vehicle look at are the advertisement sites. The vehicles put up for sale through these sites have started to exceed the prices of new vehicles today. Another reason for the prices to rise to this extent is the low vehicle supply with the start of the pandemic process. With the chip crisis in the automobile, the companies that could not continue their vehicle production rapidly increased their sales prices.

Used Car Opportunity from TEB from 60 thousand TL to 130 thousand TL

While car loans offered by banks are offered to customers, a vehicle pledge facility is placed on cars in favor of the bank. With this agreement, if the customers cannot pay their debts, the cars go to the bank. Banks offer these vehicles for sale at affordable prices, allowing the debt of the person to be paid off.

TEB bank offers these vehicles to customers at affordable prices by auctioning them. 2014 model vehicles will find buyers for 60 thousand TL in the list of affordable second-hand vehicles released recently.

To be given from Ankara, Istanbul and Adana

Vehicle brands offered to users by TEB consist of Dacia, Kia and Fiat. Although vehicle prices vary according to the models, they vary between 60 thousand TL and 136 thousand TL. With the rise of the second-hand vehicle market, the citizens did not want to miss this opportunity and started to wonder where the applications would be made.

Offering the opportunity to people who want to buy second-hand vehicles, the Turkish Economy Bank will sell the vehicles with the auction. For detailed information, you can go to TEB’s official website to find out when and where the vehicle tender will take place.

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