A peace deal with Kiev was reached, but Putin refused

WALL – It was claimed that Dmitriy Kozak, the chief adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, made a temporary peace agreement with the Kyiv administration that would meet Moscow’s expectations and prevent the war when the military operation was launched in Ukraine, but Putin rejected this agreement and continued the operation. . The Kremlin denied the news that Reuters based on sources close to Putin. Asked whether Reuters’ claim is true, Kremlin essentialist Dmitriy Peskov said, “This has nothing to do with reality at all. Nothing like this happened. This is completely false information.”

In the news of Reuters, it was claimed that Kozak said that the agreement in question would “meet Russia’s demand for Ukraine to stay out of NATO and eliminate the reason for the invasion”. “After February 24, Kozak was given full authority. They gave him the green light, and he made the deal. He brought it back and told him to walk away. Everything was cancelled. As Putin progressed, he changed his plan,” said a source saying that Russia had to wait for the deal to be finalized. He said that the action was taken immediately after the operation of the B.C. on February 24. Another source claimed that the agreement was made before the operation launched on February 24 and Putin rejected it.