A new increase in bread is on the way: It can be sold for 6 liras

A new price hike is on the agenda for bread, which is increased almost every two months after the price increase in energy items.

According to the news of Sacide Demir from the Decision; Cihan Kolivar, President of the Bread Producers Employers’ Union, said that the cost of 210 grams of bread was 5 liras and 70 kuruş and that it could be sold for 6 liras in the near future.

Stating that the flour crisis has been overcome, but the hikes in electricity and natural gas will be reflected in the prices, Kolivar said, “Last year, in September, 200 grams of bread was 2 and a half liras, and its weight was 12 liras and 50 kurus. This year, 200 grams of bread increased to 4 liras and 19 liras per kilo. In total, there was a 53 percent increase in bread, while the costs were reduced to all costs, especially natural gas and electricity. “The inputs increased by more than 200-300 percent. The yeast that we bought for 150 liras last year increased to 350 liras this year. In addition to these, labor costs, insurance premiums, etc. increased by nearly 100 percent.” said.


Kolivar called on the authorities to make costs together and stated that even 6 liras did not save costs, and that 7 and a half liras could save bakers’ shopkeepers.

The price of 210 grams of bread in bakeries affiliated to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) was increased to 4 TL with the decision taken in July.


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