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Singer Feridun Düzağaç shared his UK photos with his 23-year-old daughter Tuya Naz on his Instagram page.

Düzağaç dropped the note ‘My dear girl’ under the photos.


CinemaThe children of some celebrities in the world of television, music and the stage are at least as famous as they are. Every step they take is followed. But there are such celebrities that they hide their children from cameras and lenses. Here are the celebrities and their unknown children…

A memory of England... my dear girl



Emine Ün’s daughter Duru Kınay, who was born from her marriage to Emre Kinay, grew up and became a copy of her mother!

Emine Ün, the sought-after name of the screens for a period, was engraved in the memories with the movie ‘Canısı’ with İbrahim Erkal.

A memory of England... my dear girl

Emine Ün recently shared a video she shot with her daughter Duru on her social media account with the note ‘It’s beautiful and beautiful, my daughter’.

It was remarkable that Duru Kınay, who fascinated with her beauty, looks more like her mother as she gets older. Those who saw the final version of Duru commented, “It’s like her mother’s copy, sister-sister”.

A memory of England... my dear girl

‘My daughter is always like this in my eyes’

Sadettin Saran celebrated his daughter Lal Saran’s birthday. Sharing the childhood photo of her daughter, who turned 25, Saran wrote, “My daughter is always like this in my eyes… Happy birthday my daughter…”.

There was great interest in the father-daughter photo. Thousands of social media users showered the photo with likes.


A memory of England... my dear girl


Sadettin Saran, hand in hand with a young woman, was reflected in the lens. Those who saw the couple thought they were lovers. However, the woman next to Saran was none other than her 25-year-old daughter, Lal.

A memory of England... my dear girl

İrem is 16! ‘Happy birthday to my first eyeball!’

Demet Şener’s daughter İrem, who was born from her marriage to İbrahim Kutluay, turned 16. Şener celebrated her daughter’s new age with a photo she shared on her social media account.

“My beautiful daughter, my first tear, my life partner, my confidant, my mentor… Happy birthday, my İrem. I am proud to be a daughter like you. I am with you as long as I can, in everything you do, in all the paths you choose. I love you so much, I love you very, very, very, very, very, very much…”


A memory of England... my dear girl


Esra Ceyhan, the presenter of the daytime program, married Barbaros Ceyhan in 1992 and divorced in 2009. The couple’s daughter Ayşe turned 16 years old. Ceyhan shared her celebration photo on Instagram with the note “My Ayşe”.

Esra Ceyhan also thanked for her birthday messages:

“I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude for your good wishes, prayers, extraordinarily warm words of love, congratulations, wishes and existence for my dear baby Ayşe’s birthday”

A memory of England... my dear girl


Comedian Tolga Çevik celebrated his son Tan’s birthday with a poem he shared on his social media account.


A memory of England... my dear girl

At the age of 17, Tan’s resemblance to his father drew attention. Cevik, who posted a photo of them on his Instagram page, wrote the following poem: “Then you look at him; he’s over the top, his temper enchants you. Of course, his heart and mind are right next to you in your dreams… You’re sure of the future, God forbid the bad ones. Have a nice age, my lion, How happy am I your father. Happy birthday son”


Lastly, Bennu Yıldırımlar, who appeared before the audience with the TV series “Loyalty”, shared her photo with her daughter from her marriage to Bülent Emin Yarar on Instagram.

A memory of England... my dear girl


22-year-old Ada’s resemblance to her mother did not go unnoticed…


It turned out that Mehmet Esen has a son named Faruk.

A memory of England... my dear girl

GermanyEsen, who said that they had a child with the German doctor he married while living in Turkey, was photographed with his son after returning from vacation.


Ozan Çobanoğlu, the beloved actor of Arka Sokaklar, sat on the wedding table with the presenter Ezgi Sertel in 2016, and the couple’s twin children, Mert and Tibet, were born last year. Ozan Çobanoğlu, one of the couple, who has a considerable fan base on social media, experienced the joy of fatherhood for the second time with the birth of the twins.

A memory of England... my dear girl

The famous actor has another son named Doruk from his first marriage! Ozan Çobanoğlu shared his photo with his son on Instagram with the note “”The horn passed the ear 🙂 1.86 height 🙂 “… Ozan Çobanoğlu’s height is 1.78…


Famous actor Necmi Yapıcı, who has taken part in numerous productions, shared his photo with his son Emre on his social media account with his followers.

A memory of England... my dear girl

He liked the photo shared by Yapıcı with the note “Father and son gave some artistic poses”.


Derin Beşikçioğlu, the daughters of the famous actors Erdal Beşikçioğlu-Elvin Beşikçioğlu, the founders of the Tatbikat Sahne, also chose acting.

A memory of England... my dear girl

Derin Beşikçioğlu, who spent her childhood in theater backstage with her parents, says the following about her choice of acting:
‘My family is huge. I’ve been observing my mom and dad both on stage and behind the camera since I was little. I went to the end of the year performances with theater companies in high school. I took ballet training for 12 years. I had many stage experiences both in ballet and theatre. Again, my short film, which I wrote, shot and acted in high school, was entitled to go to a competition across Europe. I was fascinated by both the stage and the camera. I didn’t want it to remain a hobby.’


Perihan Savaş has a son named Savaş Zafer from his marriage to Yılmaz Zafer.

A memory of England... my dear girl

Savaş, who lost his wife at a young age, acted as both mother and father to his son. Savaş Zafer, who is preparing for marriage, accompanies his mother at special nights.


Talat Bulut has a daughter, Hazal, from his marriage to Pınar Afşar.

A memory of England... my dear girl

The farewell video of Talat Bulut while sending his daughter abroad for education was widely talked about.


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