A first after the Iranian Islamic Revolution. After 43 years, the Turks succeeded

Starring Serdar Orçin, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Kübra Kip, Mert Yavuzcan, Şebnem Dilligil and Rıza Akın, the Turkish-Iranian co-production film premiered, with the film crew and leading actors, Turkey’s Ambassador to Tehran Derya Örs, Iranian director Mecid Mecidi, Many famous local actors and moviegoers attended.

Director Faysal Soysal, who said that he had a master’s degree in cinema in Iran and met many Iranian artists, said, “I wanted to work with them. We applied to Farabi and for the first time, Farabi provided co-production support to a Turkish film.” he said.

A first after the revolution

Noting that this movie is the first co-production between Turkey and Iran, Soysal said, “After the revolution in Iran, 43 years later, a Turkish-speaking movie will be released for the first time in Iranian cinemas. It was very difficult to get permission for this. For the first time, Iranian audiences will watch a Turkish-made movie on the screen for 2 weeks.” said.

Expressing that he believes they will receive a good return from Iran, Soysal added that he hopes that new works will emerge in the future.

Actor Serdar Orçin also stated that the movie “Walnut Tree” has been on an incredible journey around the world for about two years and has returned with nearly 20 awards.

Orçin said that this is the first time a foreign movie has been released in Iran after 43 years, adding that he is happy because it is a Walnut Tree movie.

Expressing that coming to Iran and meeting the audience here is exciting for them, Orçin said, “I sincerely wish this to be an opening. As much as we have been fascinated by Iranian films in recent years, I would like the Iranian people to watch our films as well.” he used the phrases..

Kübra Kip, one of the actors of the film, said, “First of all, I learned that it is the first foreign film to be screened in Iran after a long time. It is very nice to be the first and I hope it will continue.” he said.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Tehran Derya Örs stated that they attach importance to such cultural activities and that cinema is especially effective in terms of cultural rapprochement and interaction.

Saying that cinema plays an important role as an intermediary that unites people, increases ties between countries and enables different people to get to know each other, Örs added that he predicts that the Walnut Tree movie will achieve a great success.

Award-winning movie

The film, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and TRT, was selected from many festivals, including the 14th Hamilton New York Film Festival, the 27th Adana Film Festival, the Torino Underground Film Festival, the Balkan Panorama Film Festival, and the 6th London City Awards Festival. He returned with nearly 20 awards.

The subject of the movie Walnut Tree, which will meet the audience with Persian subtitles in many movie theaters in Iran, is as follows:

“Literature teacher Hayati, who has an obscure and passive character in many ways, is despised and abandoned by his wife. After a while, an unidentified female corpse is found in the patriarchal town. Hayati claims that the corpse belongs to his wife and takes responsibility for the murder committed by someone else. In pursuit of this question, the film questions the possibility of being an honorable person in the world with its moments such as inability to hold on, femicides, thousands of faces of violence, literature, passions and regrets while trying to illuminate the most hidden, most shadowy, and deep sides of the human being.”


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