A call to the West from fugitive terrorist Enes Kanter: Intervene in Turkey

Fugitive FETOth Enes Kanter, TIME to the magazine TurkeyWrote an article targeting

Enes Kanter, President Erdogan‘of “threatened to veto Finland and Sweden’s admission to NATO” Put forward.


from Erdogan “a great Machiavellian” Speaking as Kanter, “The West ignored the fact that Turkey is the only NATO member not participating in the sanctions against Russia. Moreover, various Western leaders, including the UN Secretary-General, have made official visits to Turkey, and all this has increased Erdogan’s international credibility. This is me. a deep disappointment for used the phrases.

Kanter accused Erdogan of bluffing the West. “He hasn’t really found a means to curb Erdogan – one can’t help but ask: Maybe he doesn’t want to stop him? He’s allowed himself to be undermined repeatedly by Erdogan. There hasn’t been a single conflict over the years where the US, EU or NATO has seen Erdogan’s bluff. Even inside They are helping Erdogan” said.

Kanter also spoke about Russia-Turkey relations. “Amid the Russian crisis, Erdogan continued to develop deep relations with Putin, contrary to NATO’s interests, and perhaps even act like a Trojan horse within NATO.” used the phrases.


Kanter, appealing to the West, “Will the West see Erdogan’s bluff? Or will they continue to turn a blind eye to this Trojan horse in NATO? And by doing so, will they help him stay in power?” he said.

Arguing that the West should covertly intervene in Turkey, Kanter said, “The time has come for the people of Turkey to get the support they deserve from the West. I am aware that of course this will not end Erdogan’s reign or bring about a democratic rebirth, but this should not be an excuse for inaction. The real question is: the West will stand by the Turkish people and Turkey will Will it also support democracy?” said.