A barricade has been set up on the Kosovo border in Serbia, Kosovo has closed the main border gate!

Creation Date: December 28, 2022 17:36

In Serbia, a barricade was set up on the way to the Merdare Border Gate on the Kosovo border in order to support the Kosovo Serbs. Kosovo announced that it has closed its largest border crossing with Serbia.

With trucks and tractors placed on the road 2 kilometers from the Merdare Border Gate on the Kosovo border in order to support the Kosovo Serbs in Serbia. barricade was established. A group of 20 people gathered around the barricade and blocked the road in both directions.

Kosovo state television announced that there are long queues in Serbia due to the closure of the border crossing to crossings. Serbian state television also announced that the queue in the direction of Serbia exceeded 3 kilometers and that there was a queue in the direction of Kosovo.

The Ministry of Interior of Kosovo issued a statement last night, advising its citizens traveling to the central parts of Serbia to use alternative routes instead of the Merdare Border Gate.


Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic claimed that the barricades paralyzing life in northern Kosovo were set up to establish democracy and freedom of law. “Serbs defend their right to vote, their right to a fair trial and the Brussels agreement,” Brnabic said in a statement on social media. The Serbs will win and (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin) Kurti will be defeated.”


Kosovo, on the other hand, announced that it has closed its largest, main border crossing with Serbia.

The US State Department stated that they are worried about the tension between the two countries and announced that the EU continues to hold talks with both sides to reduce the tension.

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After the detention of former Serbian police officer Dejan Pantic, who resigned from his post in November, Kosovo Serbs started to stand guard at the barricades they set up at the Jarinje and Bernjak border crossings two weeks ago. Kosovo Serbs demand the release of detained Serbs and the withdrawal of the Kosovo Special Police Unit from the north of the country.