A 10-year-old boy strangled his grandmother to death in China! The moment of the terrible event was shared on social media second by second!

The images recorded in the Heilongjian province of China made a mark on the popularity of social media in a short time. The footage, taken by the 10-year-old boy and other family members who thought his grandmother was joking, ended in disaster. The banter between the grandmother and the boy suddenly turned into horror.

Squeezing his neck, he fell to the ground

In the images that social media users reacted to, it was seen that the old woman slapped the child twice on the head before hitting her grandmother’s chest. Later, the boy grabbed his grandmother’s neck tightly and choked her to the ground. The old woman who fell to the ground kept hitting the child with the slipper and telling her to let go. It was recorded that the person recording the video laughed as the boy shouted that he was always beaten by his grandmother.

After a while it remained motionless.

When the boy didn’t stop squeezing his neck even though his grandmother hit him with a slipper, the old woman appeared motionless in the rest of the video and the family member who recorded the footage told the boy to let her go. It was noticed that the person behind the camera said, “Get up, he won’t hit you anymore, let him go quickly”.

When the 10-year-old boy left his grandmother, an old woman carrying a child on her back appeared in the continuation of the video and began hitting the child with a stick, repeatedly saying, “Your grandmother is dead.” The video ended with the boy begging his grandmother to get up, while the woman who was allegedly the boy’s mother continued to beat him.

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