9200 TL Payment to Retired! It will be in the accounts tomorrow

As of tomorrow, the news came that a payment of up to 9200 TL will be made for citizens who retire. Citizens with a pension In these campaigns, which will be launched for the pensioner, the news of the payment of up to 9200 TL came with the transactions you will make through your account. You can join the cash loan campaigns where you can learn your results within 5 minutes by making your applications together with the cash campaign you have received through your pension account. In the applications you have made through your pension account, both public banks and private banks will give you a payment of 9200 TL as a general purpose loan and will ask you to pay it back with a maximum term of 36 months.

Garanti Bank

In these campaigns for citizens who receive pensions through Garanti Bank, loans are made available to people in need of cash by making payments to their accounts within the same day. If you have taken a consumer loan from this bank before and you want to complete your application, we would like to say that you can do your transactions within 5 minutes without going to Garanti Bank branches. If you receive approval for the applications you have made on the Garanti Bank website, the approved amount will be deposited into our accounts on the same day.

Ziraat bank

public bank Ziraat bank over 9200 TL payment Retirees who want to receive a pension are required to receive a pension through this bank before applying. If you receive your pension through Ziraat Bank, you will be able to complete your application within the same minute and use the approved loans by depositing them into your accounts within the same minute. Apart from these loans that we have obtained through your pension account, credit transactions are prepared immediately for people who will use cash loans, such as Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank. In these campaigns started for citizens who receive a pension, you can receive a payment of 9200 TL with a 36-month maturity starting tomorrow.

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