8 TL Increase In The Last Month Of 2022! Marlbora Touch, Rothmans, Kent, Winston, Parliament, Muratti, Lark

The new year is coming with new raises! With the D-PPI regulation made to SCT every 6 months, it is expected that cigarette prices will increase by 3.5 TL this year. If the hike is implemented, the price of the cheapest cigarette will rise to an average of 33 liras.

According to the news in Habertürk, the SCT in alcohol and cigarettes increases as much as the D-PPI, which increases every 6 months. Every 1 cent increase in cigarettes is reflected as a 6.8 cent increase in the price due to the tax system. The SCT on cigarettes, which is linked to the PPI increase, will increase further due to record-breaking inflation. If the change rate for the last 6 months reaches 25 percent, there will be a huge increase in cigarettes.

According to the inflation data in November, the 5-month increase in D-PPI since July has reached 22.6 percent. With the inflation rate to be announced for December, the increase in SCT in January will be 25 percent.


When an automatic increase is made according to the 6-month change in D-PPI, a significant price increase will arise due to the “minimum fixed tax” application on cigarettes.
After the last cigarette hike, the lowest cigarette price rose to 29.5 liras. The highest price of cigarettes reached 48 liras.

If a contrary decision is not taken and an automatic increase is made, the price of the cheapest cigarette will rise to 33 liras on average. This means a raise of about 3.5 liras.