8.5 percent decrease in automotive sales compared to last year

In the 8-month period of the year, the share of imported vehicles in total sales in the Turkish automotive market was 56.68 percent, while the share of domestically produced vehicles was 43.31 percent.

According to the data compiled from the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), total sales of automobiles and light commercial vehicles in Turkey decreased by 8.5 percent in the January-August period of 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 458 thousand 446 units.

In the said period, automobile sales decreased by 9.4 percent to 354 thousand 543 units and light commercial vehicle sales decreased by 5.2 percent to 103 thousand 903 units.


In the first 8 months of the year, in the market with a total of 458 thousand 446 units, domestic production vehicle sales, led by Fiat, Renault, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Karsan and Isuzu brands, reached 198 thousand 561. Imported vehicle sales were determined as 259 thousand 885.

While the share of domestic production vehicles in total sales was 43.10 percent in the first 8 months of 2021, this rate increased to 43.31 in the same period of this year.

In the said period, the share of imported automobiles in total sales decreased from 56.89 percent to 56.68 percent.


Consisting of vehicles manufactured in Turkey, 82 thousand 818 of the 83 thousand 846 units sold in the automobile and light commercial vehicle market in the first 8 months of this year, Fiat ranked first in the domestic sales ranking on a unit basis.

Fiat was followed by Renault, of which 39 thousand 97 of the 58 thousand 545 total sales were domestic production, and 35 thousand 505 of the 41 thousand 424 total sales were domestic production Ford.

Toyota ranked fourth with 22 thousand 21 domestic sales in total sales of 30 thousand 181, and Hyundai ranked fifth with 18 thousand 643 sales in total sales of 30 thousand 457.

In addition, although the share of imported vehicles in total sales is higher, 4 brands with domestic production took place among the top 5 brands.


German automotive manufacturer Volkswagen took the first place in the list of imported automobile sales with 39,525 sales in the Turkish automobile market in the January-August period.

Volkswagen was followed by Dacia with 23 thousand 861 sales, Opel with 20 thousand 684 sales, Renault with 19 thousand 448 sales and Peugeot with 17 thousand 950 sales.