75000 TL Will Be Paid to People Who Have Ziraat Bank Credit Card, Debit Card or Account in Their Pocket!

75000 TL Will Be Paid to People Who Have Ziraat Bank Credit Card, Debit Card or Account in Their Pocket! For citizens who have a Ziraat Bank debit card, credit card or account, 75000 TL is paid to the accounts of the people who will make their applications by participating in the 24 month term consumer loan campaign in payments on the same day.

People who want to get loans by making their applications through Ziraat Bank are required to be a bank customer in order to benefit from these campaigns, where they can carry out their transactions with a 90-day delay. In this campaign, which will be carried out through Ziraat Bank, people who will use 75000 TL consumer loans by making their applications are provided with a 90-day deferred loan opportunity.

Ziraat Bank, 75000 TL Consumer Loan Application

Ziraat Bank, consumer loan If you want to apply, you will be able to take advantage of the loan opportunity quickly without going to the branches to get a loan of 75000 TL with a 24-month maturity of three months. Citizens who will apply by participating in Ziraat Bank’s Consumer Loan campaign can get 75000 TL of consumer loan with a 3-month deferral at any time.

In consumer loans to be given with a maturity of 24 months, you are provided with a loan opportunity with low interest rates after the first installment payment is deferred. Anyone using a Ziraat Bank card in their pocket can apply for a loan by creating an internet banking password and performing their transactions via Ziraat Bank mobile application. People who will make other applications such as Ziraat Bank can benefit from these campaigns, since it is a public bank through Vakıfbank and Halkbank.

In the campaigns made especially for retirees, Ziraat Bank provides loans at higher limits, making it easy for you to close your debts in the other bank and carry your pension to Ziraat Bank. You can apply on Ziraat Bank’s official website and learn about the current loan interest rates here.