65 billion Euro aid package from Germany

65 billion Euro aid package from Germany

The German government announced a new support package of 65 billion Euros to protect consumers and companies against inflation, especially rising energy prices. The statement was made shortly after Russia cut off gas flow from the Nord Stream pipeline to Europe.

Speaking at the press conference held today on the subject, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that Russia is no longer a reliable partner in the field of energy.

Within the scope of the said 65 billion Euro package, 1.7 billion Euros of energy aid will be provided to 9000 enterprises that use intensive energy. An additional tax will be collected from the excessive earnings of energy companies, and the ‘double-digit’ billion Euro income will be transferred to the citizens as support for the payment of electricity bills.

In addition, a ceiling fee will be imposed on the amount of energy that will meet the basic energy needs.


The government had previously paid 300 Euros of energy assistance to employees. The scope of this assistance will be expanded with the final package. One-time payments of 300 Euros to retirees and 200 Euros to students will be made. In addition, the support paid to families with children and the poor will be increased.

In addition, the 9 Euro transportation ticket application announced for three months will be extended, but the ticket will be more expensive. With the said application, German citizens could use public transportation unlimitedly with transportation tickets by making a single payment. This practice ended in September. It is reported that the price of the new package will be higher than 9 Euros.


Emphasizing that Germany has a sufficient energy stock, Prime Minister Scholz addressed the German people with the phrase ‘You’ll never walk alone’, which is associated with Liverpool fans, in English. Then, turning to German again, he said, “No one will be left behind.”

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