“6001” operation for brand new cars

After the ‘6 months and 6,000 km’ condition, the mileage of new cars changed overnight. Callers are told, “The car is zero, we’ll take care of it”.

It developed its own formulas by complying with the ban on sales to vehicles not exceeding 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers, brought by the Ministry of Commerce, at the moment of the market. After the deadline given to the companies the previous day, the mileage information of the ‘zero’ vehicles on the advertisement sites instantly turned into “6001”. This transformation was partly due to the ‘necessity’ brought by the used car advertisement site. Advertisement sites do not allow entry of mileage information below 6 thousand when entering new vehicle advertisements.


That’s why all of the advertisements were changed to ‘new vehicle at 6,000 kilometers’. Most of the advertisements given are galleries, even though they are banned. In other words, vehicle sales continue with various formulas ‘despite the ban’. EVENINGAccording to the information reached by , the first of these formulas developed by the galleries is the ‘person-to-person sale’ method… This method is not within the scope of the ban. According to the information received, some of these vehicles were distributed by the galleries through a peer-to-peer hull during the 1-month transition period granted to the galleries. When the owner of the car goes to buy the vehicle, the dealer sells the new vehicle to the customer through his relative or acquaintance, not personally.


Another sales method is through some tricks in the appraisal and notary processes. When the customer who wants to buy a “zero vehicle” calls the gallery in the ad, they are invited for an interview. Then, the sale takes place after “a small appraisal trick” and the two parties’ agreement with the “buyer, consent, seller, consent method”. As is known, within the scope of the application, there is an obligation to obtain an appraisal report and submit it to a notary public.


Another method is to sell despite the penalty. If the profit of the gallerist is more than the fine of 8500 liras, this sale is one of the cleanest methods without risk.


The Ministry of Commerce stipulated that 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers had passed for the marketing or sale of new vehicles. The marketing or sale of automobiles and off-road vehicles without meeting this condition was prohibited until 1 July 2023. The first of the audits will be over sales records. Afterwards, workplace inspections will be carried out at auto dealers, car rental companies and authorized dealers in 81 provinces, and marketing and sales activities for vehicles under 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers will be examined. Finally, advertisement information about vehicles marketed on advertisement sites will be regularly obtained from these sites, and sales activities will be followed.