5 police officers beat the 29-year-old teenager to death!

While it was announced that the footage of the coup of Tire Nichols, who was beaten by the police in the US state of Tennessee on January 7 and died in the hospital where he was taken, will be published, a call for calm was made regarding the violent video.

Memphis Plis Chief Cerelyn Davis, in a video statement made on her corporate Youtube account, stated that footage of Nichols’ arrest could be released soon and warned that “citizens should not be agitated and resort to violence” in the face of violent images.

Chief Davis described the behavior of the police who were involved in the arrest of the black teenager earlier this month, saying, “This is not just a professional failure, it is a despicable, reckless and inhumane act. You will see it for yourself when the video is released in the coming days, in accordance with the principle of transparency.” condemned it.

Lawyers for Nichols’ family announced on Monday that the said footage was shown to family relatives, and the video showed Nichols being beaten for 3 minutes by 5 black police officers.


Tire Nichols, 29, who works as a FedEx driver in Memphis, was stopped by Memphis police on January 7 for “reckless driving”. The youth, who opposed the arrest, was brutally beaten by the police.

It was announced that the black young man, who was taken to the hospital due to his injuries, died 3 days later due to excessive bleeding.

It is expected that a lawsuit will be filed against the 5 police officers who caused the death of Nichols after the video of the assault in question was published.

*The visuals of the news were served by the Associated Press.