465 million TL for family business

The privatization of the electricity distribution business by dividing it into 21 regions in 2013 brought along many problems. While the companies’ greed for profit burned the pockets of the citizens, lack of control made long-term power cuts almost normal.

According to the news of Mustafa Bildircin from BirGün, the number of households that cannot pay their electricity bills due to the deepening poverty in the country increases exponentially every month, while electricity distribution companies have added capital to their capital. Financial audits also revealed that some of the money spent by electricity distribution companies, including the shares they receive from the state, was transferred to their own companies.


The result announcement of 10 tenders realized by Akdeniz Electricity Distribution Company (AEDAŞ) on 31 August, whose responsibility was questioned in the power cuts that kept hundreds of households in darkness for days in Isparta, drew attention.

It was determined that 10 tenders realized by the company in one day were given to another company, whose management includes names from the Cengiz and Kolin families. The most costly of the tenders held by AEDAŞ on 31 August, “Demand Forecasting Support Service Procurement” it was a tender.

The tender was awarded to BEDA Energy Distribution and Retail Sales Services for 59 million 400 thousand TL. The tender received by BEDA Energy, of which Mehmet Cengiz and Naci Koloğlu are board members, and AEDAŞ, of which Dilek Cengiz and Timur Koloğlu are board members, was not limited to this. The total of the agreements made between the companies for 10 tenders reached 465 million 100 thousand TL.