41 were produced! Turkey surpassed its competitors: It will be used in a friendly country

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, the 41st system was produced for use in 2 MİLGEM class corvettes for the Pakistan Navy, and the system was accepted.

In the 14 years since the first delivery of the system, DBDS for 10 submarines and GVDS for 31 surface ships have been produced and successfully put into use at home and abroad.

The system, which is used as GVDS for surface ships and DBDS for submarines, is used in the country as 5 for MİLGEM, 16 for New Type Patrol Boat, 2 for LST, and one each for TCG Anadolu, DIMDEG, TVEG, Burak, Barbaros, Kılıç, a total of 29 GVDS, Reis. DBDS was produced for a total of 7 submarines, 6 for class submarines and 1 for Preveza Submarine. Thus, a total of 36 systems were produced.

Abroad, 5 productions were made, 2 GVDS for Pakistan MİLGEM corvette and 3 DBDS for Pakistan AGOSTA submarines.


GVDS and DBDS, which are considered to be the heart of the platform, have direct connections with many systems on the platform. These systems get the data they need from GVDS and DBDS.

The system was designed, developed, produced and applied to ships with the speed and performance to prepare the data infrastructure necessary for the ship to hit 12 points even in a rough sea in bad weather conditions.

Providing the necessary infrastructure for tactical sensors such as radar and weapon systems such as cannon to operate at the highest performance even in the worst conditions in the ship environment, HAVELSAN produces most of the electronic card needs of the GVDS/DBDS product family, as well as all of its software and mechanical needs, with original engineering solutions. The systems produced continue to serve 24/7 without encountering a major malfunction, despite the very high number of platforms on which it has worked so far, with a very high success rate. In addition to the 41 systems delivered so far, nearly 20 ships and submarines are waiting in line for delivery in the upcoming period, within the scope of domestic and international works.

The HAVELSAN GVDS/DBDS product family, which has reached 75 percent locality by exceeding the rate specified in the contract signed with the Presidency of Defense Industries, allows the platform on which it is installed to operate at the highest performance even in the toughest sea conditions.


Described as the heart of the submarine, DBDS was developed as HAVELSAN’s original product to meet the very challenging criteria of the operational environment.

DBDS has also succeeded in getting ahead of its peers around the world with its newly added capabilities.

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