400 people detained during demonstrations released

Protests continue in Iran: 400 people released

It has been reported that 400 people who were detained in the protests that started after the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran and were found to be involved in “mild crimes” were released.

According to Iranian official agency IRNA, Tehran Chief Prosecutor Ali Salihi, who visited “Evin” and “Tehran Büyük” prisons, stated that the judiciary took action to determine the degree of crime of those detained, taking into account the statements of Iranian leader Ali Khamenei yesterday.

Salihi stated that the detained demonstrators were evaluated according to certain criteria and that preparations were made for the release of those who were involved in crimes at a lower level.

Stating that the detainees were warned about what they did, the Chief Prosecutor announced that 400 people were released this morning as a result of the examination of their files.

Salihi stated that commitments were taken from these people and they were released on the condition that they do not repeat the same behavior.

Those involved in more serious crimes such as “damaging public property, creating chaos in society, violating national security and communicating with foreigners” will be prosecuted with full determination, Tehran’s Attorney General said.

Expressing that those who fall under this scope will be detained during the trial, Salihi noted that the files of these people will be specifically investigated by the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office and submitted to the court.

On the other hand, Iranian Secretary General for Human Rights Kazim Garibabadi announced that more than 620 people detained in Tehran had been released until last night.

Iranian leader Khamenei, in his speech yesterday, stated that not all people who went out on the streets were the same, that some of them came out of emotion and excitement under the influence of a program they saw on the internet, that this is an issue that can be solved with a small penalty, and that these people can be warned and shown where they are wrong.


The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16, who fell ill and was taken to hospital after being detained by the Irshad patrols known as the “morality police” in Tehran on September 13, caused outrage in the country.

The demonstrations, which started after the funeral of Mahsa Amini in her hometown of Sakkız on September 17, spread to many cities of the country.

Hundreds of people were detained during the demonstrations, and the official authorities did not disclose the total number.