4 criteria required to work at Apple!

Apple CEO Tim Cookmade a trip to Europe to visit Apple Stores, corporate offices and more. Successful businessperson, also from Naples Federico II University in Innovation and International Management honorary master’s degree took.

Apple CEO reveals the virtues they seek

After earning her degree at university, Cook also had a chat with students. interview performed. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who told students that it is essential to take care of the world around them while in business, said that in order to be successful, employees must have 4 key features also expressed.

Apple fired senior executive because of TikTok video!

Apple fired senior executive because of TikTok video!

Tech giant Apple fired top executive Tony Blevins over a TikTok video that went viral. Here are the details

Specifying the four characteristics they look for in employees Tim Cookalso gave tips to those who want to work at Apple in the future. Apple CEO in his employees to give place to their companies collaboration, creativity, curiosity and expertise features should be included.

Apple fired senior executive over TikTok video


cook, cooperation He said it’s critical for creating new products at Apple. Noting that individual contributions are really important, Apple CEO can only of small teams He said they can do amazing things. That’s why they’re looking for collaboration capabilities in their employees, Cook said.


Creativity, to work at Apple It turns out to be another essential feature. Stating that they are always looking for people who think differently, Cook will go around the problem and be able to look at it from different angles. creative people He underlined that he has a place in Apple.


for Apple”stupid questionsTim Cook said that asking a lot of questions comes from curiosity and this is what they are looking for. Apple CEO, a human asking questions like a child and said that he thought it was very valuable to push the other person to think.


Apple employees in their own fields to be experts Emphasizing that the need for education and work experience stresses the importance. Tim Cook, who states that when hiring in any sector, they look at that person’s education and work experience, underlines that this feature is very important.

Coo announced that they have been looking for these four features from the past during the recruitment process and that they will continue to use this formula from now on. What about you Apple CEO’s for hiring? searched criteria What do you think about it? You can share your views with us in the comments section.