30 TL is now inevitable

Black days have begun in the dollar! Warnings came from experts one after another. Those who have even 1 dollar in hand should listen to these explanations. Because it is no longer possible to stop the dollar.

The dollar has not fallen below 18 liras for a long time. After the Central Bank’s surprise interest rate cut decision, the dollar, which was even more heated, was lost. Experts made important evaluations for those who have Dollars and those who want to invest. If you have even 1 dollar, be sure to listen to these recommendations because the dollar seems to increase even more. Moreover, that date has also been determined. Saying that the current levels are still very low, experts claimed that the real rise in the dollar has not yet come. How much higher will the dollar rise?

All hell breaks loose on the dollar. While all Central Banks are increasing interest rates, the Turkish Lira continues to lose value with the Central Bank’s decision to cut interest rates. The dollar continues to be the fastest gaining currency in the world. For citizens who have dollar debt, who are considering investing in dollars and who have even 1 dollar in their hands, alarming warnings have come from experts. If you borrowed in dollars, the hurricane is very close. Immediately listen to the advice of experts. Here are the latest evaluations on the next course of the Dollar…


Market Specialist Selçuk Geçer made a video after the Central Bank’s decision to cut interest rates and explained the course of the dollar and the level it will reach at the end of the month. Geçer also gave warnings to dollar investors and those who have dollars in their hands. Saying that there is fluctuation in the Euro/Dollar parity, Geçer announced the level that the dollar, which is currently at 18.40, will reach at the end of the month. Although this prediction of Selçuk Geçer may seem a bit utopian, it is not impossible with this policy of the Central Bank.


Famous economist Selçuk Geçer, who shook social media with his statements and directed investments, published a new video from his social media account after the Central Bank’s decision to cut interest rates. Saying that the dollar will be suppressed again, Geçer claimed that the government will try to keep the dollar above 20 TL.

Claiming in his previous statements that the dollar would rise due to the wrong monetary policies of the Central Bank and that it could even be 70 TL, Geçer repeated this claim. Selcuk Geçer, who did not say a big figure like 70 TL this time, predicted that the dollar could rise to the level of 30 TL in the winter months. In his statement, Selçuk Geçer said, “When you look at the exchange rate movements, it starts to harden in the same way. I only foresee that the dollar rate may come to the edge of 30 Turkish Liras with the application of this effect of inflation to the exchange rate,” he said.