3 years in prison for the cleaner who works in the house of the Israeli Minister of Defense!


IsraelA court in . IranianHe was sentenced to 3 years in prison on charges of trying to leak information to a group of hackers linked to .

In exchange for Omri Goren, 38, pleading guilty and cooperating with the prosecution, the espionage charges against him were dropped.

The Israeli Ministry of Justice announced that Goren had informed the hackers group Black Shadow that he could send information about Gantz, and that he planted a virus on the minister’s computer in exchange for money.

But Goren says Israel did not knowingly engage in spying for Iran, which it sees as its “biggest enemy,” and his lawyers told the Times of Israel in an interview after the court’s decision, “Goren is not a spy, and this is not an espionage scandal.”


“This is the story of someone who fell into debt and caught a security hole,” the lawyers say.

Goren said during the investigation that he tried to extort money from hackers without informing them.


In the first indictment, prepared in November of last year, it was claimed that Goren had contacted the Black Shadow group, which he had read about internet piracy attempts in the Israeli media, via Telegram.

It was recorded that he sent photos of his desk, computer, a safe and tax returns from the minister’s house to prove that he was working for Gantz.

The Ministry of Justice announced that Goren’s attempts were blocked by the Israeli Internal Intelligence Service, Shin Bet, and that no classified documents were leaked.

However, serious criticism has been leveled against the Shin Bet about how a person like Goren, who had previously been imprisoned for four crimes, including armed robbery, could be allowed to work for Defense Minister Gantz.

Shin Bet, on the other hand, admitted that mistakes were made during the security investigation process against Goren and stated that the protocols on these issues were tightened after this incident.


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