3 years “hidden” in the CV of Halkbank General Manager Osman Arslan: Bank Asya

republican writer Peace WrestlerHalkbank General Manager Osman ArslanHe wrote in his CV that he hid the information that he was a manager at Bank Asya.

Pehlivan drew attention to the statement in Arslan’s CV that “between 1998-2004 he worked as a manager in various private sector banks” and said:

“Curiosity, it’s over. I found the one on Halkbank’s website in two separate places. One is on The Wall Street Journal’s site on the page about the bank, and the other is in an announcement about the new management of the Arab Turkish Bank… In two separate places, the ‘private sector bank’ that Arslan is hesitant to post on the website of Halkbank, of which he is currently the general manager. writes clearly. Bingo: Bank Asya!”

Pehlivan stated that he had learned that Arslan worked as an inspector and assistant manager at Asya Katılım Bankası A. You will be the top name of one of Turkey’s largest public banks! How beautifully said the philosopher: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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