2nd hand market in the heart of Istanbul. Those who say the economy is good, should take a good look at these images.


The economic crisis that started after the transition to the Presidential Government System in Turkey continues to bend the backs of the citizens day by day.

In this period, when unemployment increased, the Turkish lira depreciated by nearly 75 percent, while inflation increased by 174 percent. In this new system, where the dollar and the euro exceeded 18 lira, it was once again for the citizens. At the end of the process, while the gap between the rich and the poor widened, the middle class disappeared.

Today, while basic needs such as buying a house and a car are luxurious, citizens cannot raise their salaries due to rising food and clothing prices. In the face of increasing costs, the citizen whose salary is only three cents finds the solution in the second hand markets.

Although the supporters of the government argue that the economy is good, the intensity experienced in the second-hand markets reveals the truth.

The intensity experienced last night in the second-hand market, which was set up at the metro exit in Bakırköy, the heart of Istanbul, also supported this.

Established as an extension of the Bakırköy bazaar, which is set up on Saturdays every week, the market has spread from the Bakırköy metro exit to the amusement park area. Citizens in the market had difficulty walking due to the intensity.

In the footage recorded around 9 pm, it was seen that the crowd did not disperse and some of the items collected in the suitcases continued to be sold on the roadside.


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