2nd Generation AirPods Pro features and price

Apple’s latest wireless earbuds at Far Out event 2nd Generation AirPods Proannounced the. The 2nd Generation Pro model, which has a renewed charging case, draws attention with its much stronger sound experience and longer battery life. Here are the new AirPods Pro features and price.

2nd Gen AirPods Pro: H2 chip, 2x noise canceling and more

The design of AirPods Pro 2 is similar to the first model released in 2019. But it has a much newer extra-small ear tip to accommodate more users.

Powered by the H2 chip, the new headset is a new generation with “advanced computing sound” Active Noise Cancellationgives place to. This feature doubles the amount of noise cancelled. The new chip is powered by a specially developed driver and amplifier.

iPhone 14 introduced!  Here are the features and price

iPhone 14 introduced! Here are the features and price

We have gathered all the information about iPhone 14 features and price. We told you all about the iPhone 14 with its pros and cons.

AirPods Pro allows you to adjust the volume with a single swipe thanks to the completely renewed touch control. personalized spatial soundhelps the user to adjust the volume according to the ear.

On a single charge 6 hours of use your new headset 30 hours if the charging box can be used throughout. This means an increase of about 33 percent (90 minutes) compared to the first model and 6 hours more capacity for the box.

Moreover Transparent mode will now be personal according to the user. In this way, environmental sounds such as construction noise coming from outside will be prevented from being disturbing.

Apple added a built-in speaker to the charging case to offer the Find My feature. charging box lightning port, but will now also be able to use an Apple Watch charger, MagSafe or any Qi charger.

The legendary model is back: iPhone 14 Plus is introduced!

The legendary model is back: iPhone 14 Plus is introduced!

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Plus model, which draws attention with its features and price, at the event held in the evening today.

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2nd Generation AirPods Pro Turkey price

The price of the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro is 5,399 TL declared as. The headset will be available for order on September 9, and will go on sale on September 23.

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